Counseling is an important aspect in psychology and therefore different skills used in counseling are very critical in therapeutic process. In this case, this study will examine the skills used by counselors in therapeutic process. Importantly, this study will be guided by a thesis statement stated as; the skills used in counseling to a greater extent determine the outcomes among the clients.

The case study ‘Helping Rose’ indicates Rose as the client who is seeking a solution to her problems of being disturbed by her baby at night. Importantly, Rose is disturbed by the way she is waked up at the night as a result of somebody who ever cries at the middle of the night. In this case, she goes to the counselor to seek solutions as she ends up surrendering since she does not want to spend the whole night screaming. According to her, this is the most frustrating part of her problems. The counselor states that there must be a strategy to be followed in order to help her stop fighting with her heart. It should be noted that the counselor uses the right counseling skills in order to get to know what the problems of Rose are. On this basis, he uses closed and open-ended questions to understand her problems.

Identification of the counseling skills used by the counselor

From the case study it can be revealed that the counselor used counseling skills like active listening, receiving-hearing and attending, understanding-learning, interpreting and meaning, remembering and retaining what has been said, evaluating as well as criticizing what has been said, and responding or giving answers and feedbacks to the questions asked. Importantly, the counselor listens carefully to what is said by Rose in order to adequately get her problems. Active listening as a counseling skill denotes that the counselor does much of listening but at the same time conveying what is being said. In this case, the client is given ample time to explain her problems and what has been done to solve them. From the case study, the counselor pauses in order to give Rose time to express herself.

Additionally, the counselor as well as the client receives what is said in the counseling process and tries to understand it. On this basis, the counselor understands from Rose that the aspect of surrendering the yelling and screaming made at night instead of fighting back is the most frustrating part of her problems. After understanding her problems, the counselor attends to them by asking different open and closed ended questions in order to determine her experience in dealing with related problems. On this basis, the client states that it’s was all her fault since she allowed it to happen for that long.

The interpretation given by the counselor to the previous methods of solving her problems was that the techniques were faulty or were not used correctly. On the other hand, Rose admits that she was too weak to solve her problems before they could get that deep. In this relation, both the counselor and the client use meaning and interpretation of what is said by the other person in the counseling process. It should be understood that the counselor is very inquisitive in order to adequately identify and interpret Rose’s problems.

According to the counselor, Rose has been looking for strategies of solving her problems for a period of five years but was looking them outside of herself without listening to her heart. Additionally, she has strong feelings about her daughter and that is why she was not always been able to solve her problems. From the case study, it can be revealed that the counselor created a rapport by being very friendly to Rose in order to adequately help her solve her problems.

In order to understand whether what he is saying is being comprehended by Rose, the counselor asks questions relating to the interview. The aspect of remembering and retaining what has been said within the process of the interview has been used by Rose and the counselor. On this basis, the counselor retains what Rose says is disturbing her or what she has done to solve her problems in order to come up with new strategies of solving her problems. On the other hand, Rose understands and retains what is said by the counselor as the cause of the failure of the methods she is using to solve her problems in order to ask further questions about the new strategies.

The tone used by the counselor is very friendly that allows him to search more information about Rose and her daughter. On the other hand, the tone of Rose is at some instances very deep to indicate that she has strong emotions about her daughter. It can be revealed that the counselor asks Rose some questions about her inner souls like whether she is guilty of what she is doing to her daughter in order to understand her better. In this case, this counseling process is very fruitful as the two parties are responding directly to each other. Basically, the counselor evaluates the skills used by Rose in solving the problems of her daughter for five years and criticizes them saying that she was weak or the skills were faulty. According to the verbatim examples of counseling, the counselor should evaluate critically the methods used by a client in solving his/her problems in order to give directions on the right methods to be used.

Importantly, after listening to each other; the counselor, as well as the client, respond to each others’ questions in the counseling process. On this basis, the counselor responds that Rose does not love her daughter fully since she does not want to show her and this is what is hurting her most. The counselor suggests that Rose has to love and care for her daughter and express it to her in numbers.

From the case study, it can be revealed that the counselor had created a very good rapport with Rose through been friendly to her and showing his interests in her. In this case, this helped the whole counseling process as Rose was very much willing to communicate with him and express her problems to him. As a result of this, Rose felt very comfortable in expressing her problems to the counselor. In the creation of rapport, the counselor usually laughed and enjoyed the counseling process in order to show Rose that he was interested in counseling her. Importantly, Rose is not a hard client to deal with even though she evades some questions asked by the counselor which extends the counseling process.

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