Already made plans about your New Year’s Eve party, eh? Well, for me, I might hang out with friends and try new dishes, but given a choice, I’d rather travel to some exotic locale and meet new people.

While this New Year’s, you may be looking forward to another round of over-boozing, senseless frenzy, and never-to-be-realised New Year Resolutions, I believe, this day has come to be one holiday time that is over-hyped and how!

The Perfect Pretext for Absolute Intoxication

At a time when drinking is considered to be synonymous with enjoyment, any and every occasion seems like the perfect time to booze some more and then some more. For all alcohol lovers out there, what can be a better excuse than celebrating the New Year’s with intoxicants? But for once if you are sober and sensible this New Year’s, wouldn’t it be better to remember and learn from your past mistakes and truly live each moment as you turn older?

Junk and Parties 

Junk sounds great and tastes great too. But since when did New Year’s turn into a holiday food fiasco adding up to more calories? Staying fit and healthy seems like a far-fetched goal, with all that yummy food around, isn’t it? Not judging here, but, seriously, is it only a resolution to be healthy or a constant effort? It’s a pity that health and safety are mostly alien concepts to drunk drivers – a common sight after the NYE parties.

Over-brewing Romance, Dance, Candle-lights, and Kisses

Couples or not, it has become a trend to make the New Year’s night the most romantic day of the year. Celebrating the loved ones in your life does not need a pre-fixed day or moment; it is something that only needs your heartfelt emotion and not the stroke of midnight on the 31st night.

Here’s to a New Start

From promises to leading a passionate and exciting life to becoming more humane and healthy by the hour and resolving to fulfill major goals as the New Year arrives, we all have been there and done that. While some pledge to quit smoking, others plan on working out, or volunteering in a community, most of us cannot live by these resolves for more than a few days of the New Year or worse, forget about them as soon as the calendar date welcomes the New Year. The New Year can never be a tabula rasa – it is yet another opportunity life throws at you to stay motivated and goal-oriented and actually make a fresh start without forgetting your roots.

Passing Out and Sleeping until Half of the Day Ends

Most of this holiday is spent sleeping off the day after being inebriated the night before and we have no qualms about it either. How paradoxical it is to pass out on the very first morning of the 365-day ride while eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 12 on the New Year’s Eve! Does that make for a Happy New Year?

Isn’t it just better to invite your friends and family over for a house party or just get cozy on your couch binge-watching some good movies or reading a lovely book with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? A fresh start is not necessarily happening on the New Year’s Day; there is only a surplus of food and drinks followed by a hangover and regret and of course, a passing over of resolutions made each year onto the next year. So, what’s the point of over-rating this celebration and getting on with the entire hullabaloo until December 31 midnight? Not trying to sound pessimistic, but, more often than not, celebrations do not plan out how we want them to be, setting a gloomy wave to the New Year’s eve. I am sure none of us would want that. After all “the secret of happiness is low expectations”. Plus, it is cheaper and less stressful to enjoy the New Year’s Eve without the transportation hurdles, big party reservations, and broken resolutions.