I used to be a Democrat … but I grew up.
Like all too many other people in this country, I was a Democrat.  I was raised a Democrat by parents who were Democrats.  The first time I was ever introduced to the actual viciousness of politics was way back when I was in first grade and we had a mock Presidential election.  When I came home from school that day I told my mother about it and she asked me with a smile “and who did you vote for”?  I told her Eisenhower because I thought he was a nice old man.  My mother’s face turned instantly from a smile to a scowl and she looked at my older brother and said “I’ve got a G—D—– REPUBLICAN for a son!  For the rest of that night, I felt I had done something wrong.

For far too many years after that like far too many others in this country, no matter who was running for the White House or any other political office, I was for the Democrat.  Like almost all other Democrats, it didn’t matter to me what the candidate was saying or what they stood for in general, I was of the universal Democrat mentality which is nothing more than “my school against your school”.  Nothing else matters but “our side” winning.  As ashamed as I am to admit it, (because as far as I am concerned about doing so I feel that I contributed to what happened to this country because of it), I even voted for Jimmy Carter.
It didn’t matter to me what the Democrats did or who in that party did what because I was like everyone else and too into myself and my own life to really care.  When elections came up I voted for “my school”.

This country was winning in Viet Nam from the time Eisenhower first sent military advisors into that country all the way through Kennedy’s escalation of our presence there, and all the way up to the point where the Democrats and the Media forced our withdrawal.  Which was later found out was only months ahead of North Viet Nam’s plan to surrender.  It was like the Democrats were rushing to see us defeated before the North Vietnamese were.  Because I was like most everyone else being voluntarily naïve and too into myself, it didn’t matter to me that the Democrat Darling Hanoi Jane Fonda was solely responsible for the increase in torture of American POW’s and the spurring on of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Regulars to where thousands more American lives were lost.  Lives that more than likely would never have been lost if she had not shown up to rally the communist troops that she admired so much.  Like everyone else in this country, I was too into myself to even try and notice that the Marxists were completely taking over my party along with almost the entire Media and our Public Educational System and our Universities, where they could rewrite history to their advantage as they did in the Soviet Union.  When elections came up, like all other Democrats I voted “my school against theirs”.

All that changed in 1992 when “my party” put up as their candidate a sexual degenerate who had even put in writing his extreme hatred of this country and its military.  Being a veteran I was a patriot, and there was just no way that I could lower myself to vote for him.  It was time to admit that the Democrat Party of my parents was not the Democrat Party of today.

The Democrats always billed themselves as the party of the working man and that the evil Republicans were the party of Big Business and the evil rich.  Finally taking time to actually investigate this slogan I found out that it was just the opposite.  The Democrat Party gets far more money from Big Business and the “Evil Rich”, especially the Marxist Soros.  And it turned out after looking at what they do, that it’s actually the Republicans that are for the working man.  But the Democrats will keep on using the slogan, and their followers will blindly follow it, because that’s what their parents told them to do.  The Democrats are also supported by Unions who try to force their members through intimidation and even occasionally through the threat of physical violence to vote Democrat, especially the openly communist SEIU.

The Republicans believe in Right to Work and openly free enterprise where all Americans have a right to succeed on their own.  The Republicans represent individuality whereas the Democrats now represent for the most part mob rule.  But it was by controlling the mob that the Marxists were able to overthrow the government and take over Russia to begin with.  One would have to be an extreme simpleton to believe that they have any less ambition for this country.  That is why as they were taking over more and more of our government and the media and our educational system, that they began to press more and more for “entitlements”, thus financially enslaving more and more Americans to where the government is now their sole means of support and they must do what they are told to do if they want to continue receiving financial support.  That includes the voting process.

There are those that profess to be conservative so called “blue dog” Democrats in that party, but they are only an, amusement to those that actually now control the party.  Even though these “blue dog Democrats” profess to be conservative, they still blindly vote party lines as instructed by their parents and thus their votes are only used to further what has now become the Marxist agenda of the party.
Also, looking back to this country after World War II almost all the major advances in this country were under the Republicans.  True, Kennedy gave us NASA but it was Eisenhower who was responsible for us having the roads to get not only to Florida but around this entire nation, to begin with.  Reagan whose very name makes all the Marxists foam at the mouth brought this nation back from the razor’s edge of Jimmy Carter’s financial ruining of this country, and also restored World respect for this Nation after Carter’s age of appeasement.  Both Bush 41 and Clinton skated on Reagan’s success until Clinton left office leaving us teetering on the edge of another financial failure until Bush 43 immediately cut taxes which put more money back into circulation and because of that created more jobs and brought more tax revenue into the government.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favor of what he did near the end, but that’s the beauty of not being a Democrat anymore.  I don’t have to blindly accept and follow the party.  However, what he did near the end is absolutely Nothing compared to the one that followed him.  This one has placed this country in so much debt that I have my doubts as to whether we will ever get out of it.  All the while blaming all that he and his cohorts have done on those in the previous administration.  And as expected the party members blindly accept that lie.  But in true Marxist form, the Democrats will continue to blatantly lie over and over while doing just the opposite of what they say.  And even though the “party members” can see with their own eyes what is being done, they will believe it when they are told that they really don’t see what they are seeing and that the party is working for “them and their best interests”.  That’s the beauty of Marxism.  Make the populace dependent and they will openly follow to their ultimate destruction.

The Democrat party leaders could not even prove the citizenship of this present President which naturally tends to prove that he is most definitely not a citizen of this country and thus is holding that office illegally.  But twice now they have produced obviously fraudulent birth certificates and told their followers to blindly believe it and the party members did.  They could now say that Red is Gray and their party members will accept it as fact.  But then again through their openly obvious agenda, are they not now saying that – Red – is Red, White, and Blue?  And are the party members not blindly accepting that as fact as well?

No, I just cannot go along with all of that.  That is why I am no longer a Democrat.  I grew up, and unlike the Democrat party I left behind, I actually remained loyal to the Constitution of this Country.

Source by Tony