The debate regarding the need for more child welfare programs have resurfaced has after the expose and the dropping of three manufacturing units from India by the British clothing giant Primark which was reported to have been using child labor in their factories.

Let’s not fall into any capitalist clap trap like the big companies have been using the cheap labor available in the developing countries. I am not suggesting turning a blind eye to this problem. It’s a grave issue that needs to be addressed properly. But let’s not divert our attention from the more major issue which is the need for more child development and welfare programs.

The question one needs to ask is why after all so many children instead of going to school, enjoying the days of childhood start working. The question is age old and so is the answer. It’s the economic reason. If you have nothing to eat at home you would search for means of livelihood rather than studying. This problem is not new, yet we have not been able to find a solution to this problem.

India is a state of billion people and every year we are adding a population equivalent to the population of Australia to our country. With this rate of increasing child population, it is a requirement that the government of this country needs to develop more child development programs. But it is falling short of it as there are so many to cover in those programs. Because of this those poor children who are not benefiting from the child development programs are taking to work and neglecting their education. It is a normal and natural choice that any person would make for survival. The fire of hunger is more painful that destroys all thirst for knowledge.

Wondering and blaming those who are making the most of this situation by using these poor children as a laborer for their benefit won’t bring any change. We have to come together and work towards establishing education societies for these poor children where they can get free education and other basic facilities to support their education so that their families don’t have to bear the burden of their education. Working for the education of the children would be the target of every child development program because education would empower the children who are coming from the financially backward background. This would restore the sense of dignity in them and they too can lead a respectable life.

If you really want to do some constructive work then you must find such charitable organizations which are seriously involved in child development programs. One such organization is Guru Nanak Garib Niwaj Education Society, which is working for the development of poor children.

Source by Sanjeev Jha