Let’s face it—for this generation surfing through YouTube for hours on end is a legitimate pastime. Be it music or travel or even DIYs, Youtube is your go-to platform for all things both instructional and entertainment. Off late, using YouTube as a platform to exhibit one’s talent and earn a buck or two at the side has become commonplace.

Larissa Dsa, a quirky beauty and style blogger, from Thane is one such individual who is famous among fashionistas for her YouTube channel and her Larsa blog.

Larissa has immense love for art and craft which shows in her videos. She speaks about DIYs, travel experiences, beauty and makeup and also tips on common situations most youngsters have to deal with. Her channel now has over 100k subscribers.

Her DIY videos on room décor are our favourites. Her most popular video about tying a high ponytail in 1 minute has over two million views on Youtube.


Apart from being a Blogger, this talented 24-year-old has also worked with Crowdfire as a graphic designer and had an opportunity to have lunch with style megastar Bethany Mota. She is the creative head and founder of E-commerce label “We Love Customade” which was made public in July 2012. It seems Larissa’s creativity knows no bounds as she is a tattoo artist as well.