A secured career is the aim of every student these days. The students are always in search of career options, which would help them in building a safe and a bright future. There are a number of career options these days, but to choose the best among them is the most important task. Choosing the career field is the first and the most important step that a student needs to take towards the growth of his career. The selection of the right career opportunity can actually lead a student to a safe and a secure job. The right education in a right institution by the right student is the factors, which constitute towards the development of a prospering nation. The colleges in India are with time adopting the changes, to make the education process more refined and intellectual.

The career choices are always based on the interest of the students, which in a way adds to the hard work instilled by them towards the attainment of their goal. There are many career opportunities in India, which provides a secure and a safe future to the student. Career as an IAS officer is one career option, which not only provides safety but also entitles the student with the tag of a government officer. The student gets to work as a part of the Indian government. Also, the perks and other benefits of being a government servant are very huge and lucrative. Though it’s very tough to clear the entrance examination for being an IAS officer, which is UPSC, once cleared, the future of the student is set. UPSC is Union Public Service Commission. The exam for UPSC can be given to any student having a graduation degree from one of the recognized universities in the country. Also, the student has to be a citizen of the country and should be of or above the age of 21.

The examination for becoming an IAS officer is called the civil services examination. The students clearing the civil services examination get to work in the civil administrative bodies and the law making associations. The examination for IAS officer takes around a year to complete. The entry form and the brochure can be collected from any of the post offices of the country. As there are three stages, which a student has to clear to pass the civil services examination. The three stages are:

Preliminary examinations: This is the first stage of civil services exam. This exam is conducted in the month of May or June, in which two papers are taken named as

  • General studies– In this, the questions related to the Indian history, general awareness, Indian politics, and economics, education culture, social reforms, national movements, developmental programs, general science, etc can be asked. This test paper is for 150 marks.
  • Exam on the Optional subject– There are a number of optional subjects, out of which a student can choose the subject of his choice. Almost all the subject is included in the optional list, due to which, students generally choose the subject of their graduation, so they have chances to score better. This test is for 300 marks.

The results of the preliminary examinations decide whether the student can appear for the main exams or not. The results of the preliminary exams come in the month of July or August.

Main examinations: There are a total of nine exams under the tag of main exams. The list of which is as follows:

  • One Essay type Indian Language Qualifying Paper, 300 marks
  • One English Qualifying Paper, 300 marks
  • One General Essay type paper, 200 marks
  • Two General Studies papers, 300 marks each
  • Four Optional subjects papers, 300 marks each

After clearing the main entrance examination, the student is called for an interview, where he is judged by his personality and communication skills. The positions in the IAS or IPS or other divisions of the civil services depend on the score one obtains in his overall test. The better a student scores, brighter are his chances of getting a good job in the IAS or IPS division. It takes years to prepare for the civil services examinations. Most of the students take classes for their preparation. There are many institutes in India, which makes a student prepare for IPS or IAS entrance tests, and which trains them to achieve the required level of knowledge and education to be able to compete in the entrance tests.

Source by Shiksha