Have you ever considered learning Spanish to make yourself more valuable to the work force? Learning Spanish for business could be one of the best career moves you could make. Being able to speak Spanish will look good on your resume and will be a skill needed by more and more employers.

The native language of half of the Western hemisphere is Spanish. Some states like California, Arizona, and Florida currently have sizable Spanish speaking populations as do most major US cities.

Here are some careers where knowing Spanish for business purposes would be a valuable asset.

If you work in sales of any kind, it would certainly be beneficial to learn Spanish. Regardless of what you sell – cars, real estate, or cell phones – if you know Spanish and your competition doesn’t, you can find yourself in the enviable position of having a niche market all to yourself.

If you work in service industries such as insurance or medicine, your speaking Spanish can help you communicate with clients or patients that don’t speak any English or that don’t speak English very well. Think how much more comfortable they will feel being able to use their native tongue. If you work in any arm of the transportation or travel industries, such as airline, car rental, hotel, or restaurant business, knowing Spanish could be a great help, too.

An employee who speaks Spanish can be of great value to their employer. If your employer conducts business with Spanish speaking countries, you could act as a go-between or a translator. If a company hires Spanish speaking employees, management opportunities will open up for anyone who is bilingual.

If you own a business and there is a Spanish-speaking population in your area, what a great idea it would be to have at least some of your employees learn a little Spanish. It certainly would make your business friendly to your area’s Spanish speaking population.

Knowing Spanish can be important to many management opportunities as the Spanish speaking populations grow in this country. Some companies will even arrange or pay for classes to teach their employees Spanish.

You could wait for your employer to offer Spanish courses to you but why not be proactive and teach yourself Spanish. Why put off this important career decision? With the new and better training tools available, such as online Spanish lessons and Spanish CDs, it is possible to become conversationally fluent in Spanish in a matter of weeks or months, not years. So why not teach yourself Spanish today, for the ultimate in job security.

Source by Deane Alban