It takes some serious skill to impress people like Steve Fox and Peter Jones. When these two stalwarts have come down to India from the USA to see a bunch of students from across the country showcase some automotive skills, you better be sure you don’t waste their time.

That thought was foremost in the minds of the team from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune as they toiled to build their all terrain vehicle (ATV) to compete in Baja Student India, a national level design competition for ATVs at NIT, Jhamshedpur. The hardwork paid off as their ATV won six trophies as well as a lot of hearts. Fox and Jones were so impressed by the work from the guys at VIT that they said they would buy the HAWK- if they had a chance.

This is the fourth year that HAWK entered the competition but the first time that they made it to the top three. They topped the tables in the design event, hill climb event and traction (weight pull event) event. HAWK was the 2nd lightest car weighing 193 kgs. And the cherry on the cake was they standing 2nd in the ENDURANCE RACE, the main race event where your car goes for an “agni pariksha”. Also, this race goes on for four straight complete hours.

Take a look at some of the images below: