Every January 1st offers a new year with unbounded potential and endless opportunities. This is an exciting time – a new beginning. A time when many working moms set intentions for the year to come. Most of us are great at setting intentions but are not so great at seeing them through.

If after a couple of days, weeks or months, you forget about your new year’s intentions and fall back into old activities or patterns, you are not alone. Follow-though is definitely the hard part for most of us. I’m going to introduce you to six tips to help you create intentions that stick.

The first place to look when you create your new year’s intentions is to look at the language you use to articulate them. Do you use words that make it feel like they are just one more thing to add to your to-do list? Ugggh! As a busy working mom you probably have a to-do list that is a mile long already. No need to add anything else to it.

Instead, as you move through the tips below use language that enlivens and inspires you. Use words that brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. When you do, your intentions will feel less like another mystery or something to check off your to-do list and more like an exciting and hopeful path to living a life you love.

This year I invite you to use the six tips below to help you create new year’s intentions that stick.

Intend in Real-Time: Create intentions using language as if you are already living into your intention in this very moment. ( I am … instead of I will …)

Intend from the Heart: Set intentions from your heart – from that place of deep desire and wisdom within. Create intentions that energize and enliven YOU – intentions that are compelling and exciting. Just because you or someone else thinks you SHOULD change does not mean it is really what you desire and are motivated or excited to do. ( No “should’s”, “have to’s”, or “musts” allowed.)

Intend Clear: What exactly are you creating and intending for yourself? Get as specific as you can. Details are good and important.

Intend with Integrity: Keep your intentions visible and top of mind so that you can remember and focus on them. Stick them up on Post-It notes, or tape them over your desk. Move them around when you no longer notice them. Play music, read poems, find or create art, wear jewelry or use your calendar regularly to help remind yourself of them and to keep them alive.

Intend with Support: Share your intentions with others. Put your intentions out there into the world. Do not just keep them to yourself. Share them with your significant other, friends, family members or other busy working moms. You can even set up daily, weekly or monthly check-ins with them for more accountability. And, invite others to join you in the process of creating intentions that stick. Then, you can support each other.

Intend at your Edge: Do not settle or sell yourself short. Really go for it. Go to that edge where you start to feel that nervous / excited feeling. (Butterflies in your stomach often signal that you are at your edge). Stretch and challenge yourself and you will fly. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Setting intentions that stick might be new for you or may even feel challenging at first. Give it a try anyway! A year you love living is waiting for you. Setting and living into exciting and inspiring intentions will absolutely help you get there. Do not let those intentions get away. This year, set intentions that stick.

Source by Julie Schwartz Zeff