The bearing is used to reduce the friction and stress between movements of machines or different parts of the same machine. It enables smooth rotational and linear movement. When movements become smooth and frictionless, the efficiency and speed of the machine improve.

Generally, all bearings have the ball of smooth surface to enable the smooth movement. The movement is carried by the balls, which handle the entire load. The load enables the balls to move. The loading which is put on the balls can be of two kinds, radial, and thrust. In radial load, the weight of load causes the movements of the balls of the bearings. The thrust is different from radial and puts stress on the balls in a different way. The bar tool is the typical example of the thrust load. The bearings in the bar tool have to take the load that is different from the radial load.

There are many bearings, which can handle both radial and thrust load. The perfect example of this type of bearings comes in car tires. When a car moves forward, the tires are handling the radial load, but the same time, also take the thrust, when a car moves around in a circle. The cornering force is acting on the side of the bearings during circle motion of the car. Unlike bearings, the roller chain Diamond Chain Dealer in Delhi moves, with the friction generated by a chain and machine.

Types of bearings

Ball bearings can take both thrust and radial load but the amount of load has to be small otherwise, they will get deformed. Roller bearings can withstand heavy load. The weight is distributed equally over them, which enables them to take the large load. However, this load has to be radial load, not thrust load.

Needle bearings are slender cylindrical rollers that can take the large weight or load. These bearings are used in cases when a radial load is high but radial space is less. These bearings can be used in high-speed applications.

Thrust bearings are used for axial loads but they can also be used for rotation between parts .the use of these bearings is in car gear sets, between housing and rotation shafts and gears. Tapered bearings have conical rollers for running on conical races. These tapered bearings can support high radial and axial loads.

Jewel bearings have NSK bearing dealer in Delhi metal spindle that turns in jewel lined hole. They are used in watches or clocks as they carry the load slightly off center. They give predictable friction, which improves the accuracy of the watch. A magnetic bearing, spherical bearing, fluid bearings, flexure bearings are other types of bearings used for different applications according to their capacity.

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