Student Makes PowerPoint Presentation to Woo Crush

“Dating me is like having three different girlfriends”


People (usually men) go to a lot of effort to woo their crushes. They send flowers, they write sweet poems, and make sure they are on their best behaviour. One University of Minnesota student, Lizzy Fenton, created a PowerPoint presentation that included detailed slides which explained why he (the crush) should date her.

Are you tired of your family nagging you to get a girlfriend? Then you should definitely date Lizzy. She’s like three girlfriends in one

Image: Twitter/Lizzy Fenton

You like boobs? You’re about to get lucky

Image: Twitter/Lizzy Fenton

Don’t bother about the money

Image: Twitter/Lizzy Fenton

Unfortunately her crush was not that impressed. Silly boy.

But Microsoft was!

Lizzy’s tweet has gone viral, and we must say we are very impressed. Maybe she is out of your league Carter.