This Artist Creates Doodles of Awkward Situations Everyone Can Relate To

The illustrations are a hilarious take on modern, awkward situations

Image: Instagram/relatable doodles

A 20-year-old comic artist who goes by the name of @relatabledoodles is creating some hilarious depictions of tricky, uncomfortable situations everyone can relate to. From forgetting people’s names, to putting up a polite face in the most taxing social situations, this ‘potato queen’ and law student has us smiling and nodding our heads along to each post. Here are are favourites:

Why I’m So Quiet

Every Picture Day Ever

Nice Meeting You, Person

Seen, Seen, Seen!

Going to Bed

Why God, Why?

The Power of a Full Tummy

hangry (hungry + angry) is really a thing – I'm a different person when I'm hungry 😭😂 (thanks for 23.9K!💕)

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Not Everyone Gets Your Bad Jokes

Murphy’s Law

Same Direction

Damn You Brain!

Just Following the Clock

we're all guilty of doing this, right? 😂 (Thanks for 7K! 💕)

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Why, Thank You!