Why This Fitness Blogger Didn’t Shave Her Legs and Armpits for a Year

Morgan Mikenas wants to promote natural beauty

Image: Instagram

Morgan Mikenas hasn’t shaved her armpits and legs for over a year and has said she will never go back. The fitness blogger says she does not want people to stop shaving altogether, but wants to inspire others to do things that make them more comfortable. She said the main reason why stopped shaving her body hair was that it took so much time. She reveals how at the age of 12 she was made fun of by girls on the playground for her hairy legs. After that she started shaving her body hair.

Not conforming to socially acceptable standards of hairlessness for women has been difficult. Morgan says kindergarten kids have made fun of her hairy legs and told her she looked like a man. “I think it’s unfair to people that they have to be in this cultural norm,” she says in the video.

“I freakin love my body hair” and adds “I’m being my most natural and human self”. She explains why it’s perfectly natural to have body hair and if Mother Nature didn’t intend for human beings to have body hair then we wouldn’t.

Her video has got some mixed reactions but we think Morgan is pretty brave for standing up for her beliefs and promoting self-love.

Watch the video here:

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