Urban and rural development is the cry of most citizens of our fatherland, Cameroon. Youths in particular feel the need for even distribution of resources in all parts of the nation and hence ease developmental growth. These are just the cries of a raging youth. There are several of such youngsters in and out of the nation but a few have decided to reason together, pool their skills and strength and bring forth an initiative which is now a work-in-progress; the Marco youths.

The Marco youths with age group ranging from 12-27yrs of age of different backgrounds and cultures, and children of men and women with hope for a brighter future for Cameroon. Lower Ngomgham, area councilor’s  residence of Bamenda in the NW province in Cameroon west of Africa is their habitat. Though not a well known or formal youth group they’ve come a long way. This group was in spirit jointly carrying out task but came to life in the year ending 2008 though not formal with the ideal to exploit the strength of informality, and now there are celebrating their first anniversary. Thought not much of a history this come together was made possible by Mr Tangie  John, lecturing at the Regional Nursing Aid school Bamenda  with the help of Mr Suh Martin a professional student eingeener at the National Advanced School of Public Works, Yaounde who thought it wise to gather youths for a chart to go about community work around that vicinity and where possible. This amazing initiative became visible when in the space of a year ending 2009 a lot of community work had been done; roads temporarily maintained specifically the lower Ngomgham road leading to the Urban Council, gutters dugged for the safe passage of rain and overflowing water, bushes cut down, in general the upkeep of the ngomgham area. Meetings held on Tuesdays for meditation as Christians and on Sundays for recreational activies and educative talks where poems are read, debates and discussions on agreed topics are held. Sports on Saturdays is a norm, from jugging to soccer and handball for the ladies.

The above constitutes a great part of outdoor education for all, afterall, ”iron sharpens iron”. In all this learning was evident. Both the young and the old sharpened their skills in their respective areas of interest where possible. From observation teamwork was understood, woodcock’s stages of teambuilding  are being passed successfully, public speaking was unavoidable for those charged with governance and individually the exploitation of far more amazing talents. It also served in their physical and spiritual upkeep and upbringing. Infact  joining hands for community service and the upkeep of the green environment meant joining hands with the world to fight against environmental damage and hence climate change and much more. These might also serve a purpose in building and bringing up forefront leaders with strong interpersonal skills whether for private or public service.

Though with not much for witnesses the inhabitants of that vicinity, Mr Pezumbia the delegate of tourism inclusive a few other parents and children scattered over the nation but were opportuned to be present for once and the overall “chief in charge”, GOD ALMIGHTY.

Though had to say how tough it has been for them, their focus is finding the next step  and solutions to our everyday problems rather than complain of the ills of our fatherland taking an active part in nation building. It will be unfair not to say they haven’t been supported morally and financially for which they’ve used for budgeting a few visits such as support to bereaved family members, sic friends and family and not the least the famous “item 11” in other words refreshment which includes outings.

This is no bedtime story but reality. We live in a world where change is certain areas is needed. But ,”we are the change we need”. Its a call to youths of Cameroon, Africa in particular and the rest of the world”. We are born of the African spirit”, but if it means loving folks when they die and hating them when they live rather than joining hands and born talents for each others growth which is the bitter truth, then lets change the we think and respond to our call of duty. Youths cannot afford to fail themselves, others waiting for them for a lifetime and GOD in every language and culture. Start by believing in yourselves, stand up for yourselves and your nation. Free the true African spirit, Africa and thanks GOD for South Africa 2010.

Courage to the weak and more strength to the strong. its never to late to make a difference! prosperous new year to all whenever wherever!.

Ngu ish’mael asaba.

ACCA(Association of     chartered certified accountants),CAT(certified accounting technician)student member.


Source by ishmael asaba