10 Rules To Live By When Phoning Your Date

Be in touch always on calls and text messages

1. Remember that those who smile while on the phone sound excitable and fun while those who do not sound boring and stupid. Seriously, nobody wants to get a phone call from someone who drags on and sounds generally uninterested.

2. If you keep trying phoning your date and all you get is an answering machine or endless rings of the phone, realize the situation. It is more likely that they are simply avoiding you and do not know how to end it than they are never home. Move on and enjoy your life.

3. In keeping with that same thought, if you do get a machine or voice mail, make sure to leave no more than one message unless you are in a terrible game of “phone tag”. More than one sounds over anxious and needy. If they want to get back in touch with you they will phone you when it is convenient.

4. With the era of electronic communication completely underway, do not think that your only choice of contact is phoning your date. Understand that it may be easier for both of you to text message or email, but be aware, it can be taken the wrong way if you write the wrong things. Make it short, sweet, and to the point!

5. Understand that if you drag your feet for too long before you phoning your date they may move on with their life and forget about you. Nobody wants to sit and wait for a phone call that may never come, so do it or do not!

6. If you are phoning your date and not getting any answer do not assume right away that they have simply blown you off and do not want to talk to you. It is entirely possible that they are out of town or busy with something else and will get back to you when they can. Still do not call more than once, but do not get angry either!

7. While phoning your date looks like a relatively simple thing to do for some people it is hard. Do not get too chew up in someone’s excuse if it does not sound plausible, they could have a reason for not giving you the rightright right right now. If they want to see you again they will call, if they do not they will not, it’s that simple.

8. It is possible that you will be the one having a problem phoning your date, maybe not getting an answer on the phone right away. If you leave messages and they do not return right away do not then ask if they got the message or got too busy. They called you because they wanted to, that is enough, save the absolute honesty until respect is earned.

9. Phoning a date can be awkward for both parties involved so do not get too discouraged if they do not sound excited over the phone. Some people, this writer included, hate talking on the phone with every fiber of their being so it may not be you, just the mode of communication being used.

10. Those who date must absolutely try to play by one simple rule that will make it easier for everyone involved, if you say you will call … call! Girls … Guys … who you are you need to play by this rule to make the process of dating lose its fear and loathing.

Source by Alex Carter