10 Things That Make Great Companies

Many of the points outlined below can be seen in some of today's most successful companies, companies like Google, Amazon and Apple.

Great products and gifts come from great companies so in this article i look at what makes a great company. Many of the points outlined below can be seen in some of today’s most successful companies, companies like Google, Amazon and Apple.

These are not new companies and have spent many years building their brands, innovating and slowly building up a loyal customer base. The overwhelming thread running through these companies is the perception of innovation they maintain in the public’s’ mind. All three of these companies constantly innovate and operate with long term ambitions.

1) Great companies constantly innovate, surprise the market and their customers. They also take innovative risks at times when their competition is nervous of change.

2) Great companies are built for the long time, they plant seeds and expect to see the results after many years. A great example is Amazon, it took many years to build this large and successful company. Amazon’s success did not happen overnight.

3) Great companies leave plenty of cash in the bank for tough times. Cash is king!

4) Great companies lead the market and accept that their innovations will be copied. Apple is a good example of a company that innovates internally and is copied by the competition.

5) Great companies rely on their brand value, they encourage their customers to sell their brand and products. The customers’ word of mouth marketing is the best sales force.

6) Great companies retain key management and the founders for many years. This way no short term decisions are made and the business is nurtured to become a long term success.

7) Great companies have trade globally and treat each person as a potential customer.

8) Great companies do not chase money, they look to change the world and bring about social change.

9) Great companies use teams to guarantee their success. No one individual runs the company, instead the culture and company values run through the company like blood in the body.

10) Great companies make sure the customer is always happy. The customer is always right!

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