10 Videos to Watch When You Are High

Warning: Watch at your own risk

For most people it starts with denial, “No man, I’m not high.” Ten minutes later, they are probably trying to figure out why they are doing what they are doing. Some start laughing, while some start crying; some keep eating not knowing when to stop, while some retreat into their cocoons. If you are one of these, or even if you are not, here’s a list of handpicked videos that you need to watch when you’re high:

1. Trippy Animation Courtesy of Anthony Francisco Schepperd

2. The Best Thing to Watch When Your (sic) Stoned

3. Love & Theft

4. Kung Fury

5. The White Stripes – ‘Seven Nation Army’

6. Psychedelic Trip Music And Visuals 2017 (HD) PART 3

7. Jay-Z &Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris (Explicit)

8. NEW 2016 Psychill Psychedelic 3D Visual Progressive Trippy Music Mix

9. Anxioüs Presents Trauma by N’TO with Awesome Trippy Visuals in 1080p

10. Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever – a New Record! 10^275 (2.1E275 or 2^915)