100 Musicians Play Amit Trivedi’s Love You Zindagi At One Go

A tribute by LIVE 100 blew Trivedi’s brains out and almost reduced him to tears


Question: What do you get when you get 45 vocalists, 35 acoustic guitarists, four headlining vocalists, two lead guitarists, one bass guitarist, eight percussionists, five drummers and two people on keyboards to jam together on a beautiful Sunday evening?

Answer: One helluva tribute to Amit Trivedi, that’s what.

102 Musicians came together to play three Amit Trivedi songs at St Xavier’s College in Mumbai on March 5. This video is the one where they play “Love You Zindagi” from the Alia Bhatt movie Dear Zindagi.

Trivedi was the guest of honour who didn’t know why so many musicians had gathered in front of him.

“I literally was fighting to stop myself from crying. I had to remind myself, ‘There are so many people around you. Don’t cry.’ It was a very touching and emotional moment for me. It was beautiful,” says Trivedi.

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“He didn’t know anything about the show or the context or content. His reaction in the video is real and spontaneous,” says Ramnarayan Kg, one of the three brains behind the tribute.

There aren’t many better ways to show your dedication and love for a musician than getting 100 plus musicians to play some of his greatest hits at once. That’s what Rohan Battise, Ramnarayan Kg and Prince Mulla along with the power-packed Public Relations class of Xavier Institute of Communication did on March 5.

Rohan Battise is the MD, Experience Box 21 Media Solutions Pvt Ltd., and also a professor at the Xavier Institute of Communication. Istoria 5.0 In-Sync, the annual event of XIC was coming up and he was toying with the idea of 100 musicians playing together

He called up Ramnarayan, Director, Marketing at Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Prince Mulla, music composer and entrepreneur. Ramnarayan sings and plays percussion when he’s not ‘suiting up’ for Viacom. Prince plays keyboards. The trio set up The LIVE 100 EXPERIENCE for Istoria 5.0 In-sync

“He called me and we both instantly agreed and believed in doing something like this where 100 musicians come together to perform.

The idea was inspired by this Foo Fighters tribute where a 1,000 musicians came together to play “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters.

The PR class started getting in touch with music schools, asking them to submit tapes for auditions. “Some told us it was a flop idea, others said they didn’t have time but we kept calling all of them,” says Prince.

They sent selected 100 musicians (102 actually) and trained them virtually. “We held multiple online rehearsals and sent training videos to guitarists and singers,” says Ramnarayan. The whole group rehearsed together for a grand total of three times.

Mustn’t have been an easy job, no? Ramnarayan and Prince trained everyone. Prince was the one who arranged the music. “It was not an easy job, 100 different musicians and everyone wants to show off. We had made guidelines on how this whole thing has to pan out,” says Prince.

And the songs, how were they chosen? “I am a firm believer in promoting positive music,” says Prince. “Love You Zindagi”, “Iktaara” and “Zinda” were chosen from Amit’s extensive work because we believe that they spread joy and positive energy adds Prince.

“There are three elements to this. Music, excitement and energy from collaboration,” says Prince. And the collaboration spread beyond Mumbai. Musicians drove down from Pune and some flew in from Bangalore and Belgaum as well.

What next for LIVE 100? “We will take this forward as an IP and a band,” the trio chorused 😉  Best of luck, guys.