11 Childhood Fears That Never Really Leave Us


As kids, we were so afraid of the outside world. Crossing a crowded street, losing our parents in a crowd and animals would scare us out of our wits. There are some childhood fears which never really leave us no matter how big, strong or smart we become. Spiders, cockroaches, dentists and scary movies used to give us the heebie-jeebies (and continue to do so). So do these things:

1. Fear of the Dark


There are some us who are still afraid of being left all alone in the dark. As kids it was some ghost hiding somewhere, as grown-ups its some serial killer lurking in the shadows. What we can’t see can definitely hurt us!

2. Public Speaking


Speaking to a crowd is the most frightening experience out there. The fear of embarrassment and failure can make us freeze with fear. We still have to imagine the audience in their underwear to loosen up our nerves before giving a speech.

3. Someone Will Pee in the Swimming Pool


We all know that one kid, or have been that kid that has peed in the swimming pool. As adults, that fear remains legit, especially when it comes to public swimming pools. The worst part is we can never really tell.

4. Spiders and Cockroaches 


These harmless little insects can easily be crushed under our feet but still makes us jump two feet in the air when we see one.

5. Roller Coasters


Those high-speed twisting and turning rollercoasters look like the scariest machines out there. Falling out of them or worse sitting through a ride will make us tremble in fear.

6. Fear of Animals

Source: SyFy

As kids, we are always a bit wary, if not scared of large animals especially dogs. A trip to the zoo only solidified this fear. As adults, not much changes, animals continue to spark some fear in us.

7. Looking in the Mirror in a Dim Bathroom


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror in a poorly lit bathroom and your heart skipped a beat? You know, you have. Thoughts of a ghost standing behind us or our appearances randomly changes are things from horror movies we will never leave behind.

8. Ghosts


Ask any kid, what they fear the most the answer is ghosts. Ask any adult what they fear the most the answer is ghosts. Even if there’s no proof that they actually exist or if we’ve never seen one, the rustling of leaves and moving shadows will make us run for our lives.

9. Dentists


We would rather lose a tooth than go the dentist. The drill machine was the scariest thing in the world as a kid and it still is now. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t painful anymore, and the lollipops don’t help either.

10. Horror Movies


Some kids are not allowed to watch horror films because it will give them nightmares. Some adults don’t watch horror films because it will give them nightmares.

11. Being Left All Alone


Remember the first time you were left all alone at home? How petrifying it was and how every sound made you jump. That fear never really goes away. Being all alone somewhere, (anywhere) can still have you looking over your shoulder in fear.

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