11 Indian Moms on Letting Their Daughters Travel Around India (And the World)


Indian parents, especially mothers are overprotective of their children and when it comes to their precious daughters, even doubly so. Mothers worry every time their daughter steps out of the house alone. In a world riddled with crime, violence and distrust, thinking of one’s daughter travelling alone is a nightmare. Some mums believe it’s a big NO and some say it depends on where and who she’s travelling with. So we asked 11 Indian mothers on their views on letting their daughters travel alone and even around the world.

1. Priti Doshi (45) Mother of 19-year old Arpita Doshi, a Science Student in Mumbai.


“As far as travelling alone is concerned, I’d never ever send her because I feel it is not safe. If she wants to go with friends, it would depend on the place she is going and with whom is she going.”

2. Suneera Arora or Soni Arora (50) Mother of 23-year old Reema Arora who is Currently Studying in Canada.


“If she wants to travel in groups, then it depends with whom she is going, whether I know them or not. I send her only if I know her friends and their parents, be it guys or girls in the group. I have sent her alone to study in another country, that is because she wanted to study, but travelling alone is a different thing.”

3. Bansri Mehta (47) Mother of 21-year old Drashti/Pinky Mehta, a Student of Architecture in Hyderabad.


“I would allow her to travel alone but depending on the place she wants to go, few places she can definitely go and few places she can’t.”

4. Lata Mehta (53) Mother of 18-year old Jheel Mehta, a BBA Student in Mumbai


“I would like to allow her, to travel alone in India and outside India but her dad would not allow or give her permission to travel alone at any place. I feel if she travels alone, she will become more responsible and smart, and progress in the future.”

5. Ami Sanghadia (50) Mother of 20-year old Vidhushi Sanghadia who is studying law in Hyderabad.


“In India, sending my daughter to travel alone at a new place is a big NO. In a group of boys and girls it is fine but when there are only girls planning to travel, I would certainly be apprehensive. It’s so unsafe in India, may it be bus, train even auto and taxi travel seem scary. Even when my daughter travels within the city, my prayers are always for her safe return.

Sending her to another country for studies is fine but as a tourist visiting alone is NO.”

6. Krishna Mehta (43) Mother of Brinda Mehta, a Student in Hyderabad.


“To some extent, I would allow my daughter to travel in India but I would take all the precautions to let her be safe and travel at a safe place.

Talking about outside India, it is possible only when she is out for her studies. But out of India just for travel is impossible.”

7. Usha Jani (49) Mother of 24-year old Mansi Jani who is Currently Working.


“Yes, I’d allow her to travel alone as it would help her in her life.”

8. Meena Patel (47) Mother of 20-year old Kajal Patel, a Fashion Student at NIFT Hyderabad.


“I would definitely allow her to travel alone but her father will oppose the same. But according to me traveling alone teaches a lot of experience of how to manage life without any help from the family.”

9. Kalpana Patel (41) Mother of 18-year old Shivani Patel, a Science student in Hyderabad.


“I would definitely send her for a travel trip over the seas. I want her to know the real world outside and I am pretty confident that she can make it on her own. Learning the culture of different countries is a good thing and I want her to learn that. She is an adult now and if she wishes to go, I would let her.”

10. Shehnaz Khambaty (38) Mother of 16-year old Mubaraka Khambaty, a Junior College Student in Hyderabad.


“I will definitely send her to travel after may be two years. According to me, travelling all by yourself makes you learn a lot. However while travelling alone one need to be connected to loved ones. I want her to explore the world get better exposure. Travelling is the best way to open up one’s thinking avenues & travelling alone also makes it a process of self discovery. Moreover after my daughter is 18, I think I am no one to allow her or disallow her.”

11. Kalpana Shah (50) Mother of 22-year Neha Shah, an Interior Designer in Hyderabad.


“Being a 21st century Mother, I wouldn’t keep my daughter in curtain at home; I would definitely send her to travel alone in India and out of India. Of course, I will be scared to send her alone for her safety and security but if I don’t gather guts to send her alone just to another place how will she gather guts to face problems in life and come out of it so even if I am scared.”