11 Quotes by Vijay Mallya That Should Have Given Us Enough Warning

These lines by Mallya should have been red flags for all of us

Image: Wikipedia/t World Economic Forum

Vijay Mallya used to be the King of Good Times. Now, he is the King of Memes and the butt of funny comments on social media. We took a look at some of the funniest memes doing the rounds and some of the best quotes of Mallya to go with them:

1. “I think it is better when people with their own businesses and means of income join politics as there is some degree of honesty and integrity.”

And then he defaulted on loans

2. “Rather than spend millions getting film stars, I am quite happy to be brand ambassador myself.”

Guess no banks gave him a loan for marketing


3. “Banks are there to support businesses that have justifiable needs.”

Like buying a yacht and an F1 team

Vijay Mallya Arrested In London Gets Bail. Credits : Atheist_Krishna #vijaymallya #bail

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4. “I think that the poorest of the poor… look up to wealthy and successful Indians with some degree of respect and pride.”

And then they also look up to find out which plane he is using to fly out of the country


5. “I don’t like to leave anything unfinished on my desk before I travel.”

If they are unfinished, I will never finish them

D'oh; Man this thug life (Vijay Mallya level). #bandanasinghmemes #vijaymallya #thesimpsons #homersimpson #doh #thuglife

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6. “I’m a person who promotes the concept of accountability to a great extent, and I’ve spoken in the Parliament and reinforced the need for accountability.”

I am also looking at a career as a stand-up comedian after my venture goes bust


7. “Whenever I do something, it is rooted in the Indian opportunity.”

Indian opportunity = conning India

8. “I spend my own money, not other people’s money.”

I treat everyone’s money as my money so it’s all okay


9. “I begged for help. Not for loans.”

But I am not going to say no to loans when banks give them to me


10. “I run my own world, because I very firmly believe that my destiny, my future, is in my hands and I don’t want to blame anybody else for the path that I take.”

And then I will blame media


11. “Fortunately there is an impartial justice system in the UK”

Which means I won’t be deported to India anytime soon