11 Things You Didn’t Know about the Bigg Boss House

A Bigg Boss insider spills on things that viewers have no idea about


A house full of famous celebrities and commoners under the radar of cameras 24/7 makes for a perfect television reality show. That’s exactly what TV buffs look forward to Big Boss (BB) India. BB is one of the most successful running shows in India. This show has left no stone unturned when it comes to selling friendship, love, hatred, fights, drama, and betrayal. There are various things that audience is aware of; however, there are secrets about the making of this show that only the crew members are aware of. A BB insider spills the beans on things that we previously had no idea about. Here are some of the crazy things you should know.

1. 80% of the Show Is Scripted

While you may think that everything shown on your TV screen is real, but let us make it clear that nothing is real on this reality show. Sorry to disappoint you! The makers will do anything, literally anything, to capture your attention. “The producers of the show make it very clear to the contestants that they need to have a strong perspective. Throughout the duration of the show, they need to show it. The producers even tell the contestants with whom they can have confrontations and with whom they should and should not get along,” reveals the source.

In BB season 10, you will find that many contestants are pitted against each other, as this is what the script demands. Even if the scenes are not scripted, the makers pressurise the contestants so much that they end up snapping at each other. They shout and fight, and the camera captures it all.

2. Romance Is Showmance

Every BB season can boast of couples who fall in love and the “showmance” astonishes the viewers to no end. There is a simple recipe that the makers follow:

Step 1: Place hot guys who can go shirtless in the pool.

Step 2: Find the same number of sexy women who can flaunt their toned bodies in bikinis.

Step 3: Bring them together and steam up the show.

3. Participants Are Guided to Look Hot

Many contestants are picked because they have hot bodies and it’s necessary to have good-looking people in the house. These people are told what to wear and how they should look hot. Many are advised to go shirtless or wear bikinis for pool tasks.

4. Weird Paranormal Experiences

Not many know but some contestants believe that the BB house is apparently haunted. Well, it is located in an isolated place and nothing is really known about the land or the place the house is built on. But several crew members and contestants have experienced paranormal things.

“People have heard various unexplained sounds and have seen various figures, but nothing serious or harmful has happened till date,” shares the source very close to the BB team.


5. Alcohol Is Supplied inside the House

Many of us know that alcohol is strictly prohibited on the show and people aren’t allowed to consume it. But many people in the house can’t survive without spirits and hence, the BB management supply alcohol to them either in fruit juice packets. Sometimes contestants even carry alcohol in their sippers. So, even if they are high, the world is oblivious to their inebriated state.

6. Intimacy and Permission

When people are locked up in a house for weeks and months together, things are meant to happen. This is also the time when the TRP of the show shoots to the stars. Did you know that every contestant signs a contract prior to the show, which clearly states that without their consent steamy bits cannot be telecast. Hence, the makers take permissions from couples who get cosy and they decide which raunchy part of their day can be displayed in front of the entire nation.

7. The People behind the Camera

There is a whole team dedicated to the camera work. While some of them meet the contestant once in a while, the others keep a constant eye on the live footage. When contestants are out in the open, they can see few camera people on the roof and some cameras are fixed that come down mechanically.

8. Contestants Don’t Do all the Household Chores

Did you really think that these people would actually clean up the house and do the cooking themselves? A crew member comes in every morning, cleans, at times cooks and of course, you never knew about this because all this is obviously edited.


9. Contestants Have a Stylist and a Makeup Artist

These contestants come in with a couple of bags and live in the house for weeks and months together. They change their clothes time and again. “There is a special team that looks after the clothing and makeup needs of the contestant. Every morning, the makeup team comes in and work on the contestant’s makeup. The crew decide what the contestants should wear and how they should wear it. The team also decides that how many wardrobe changes contestants have to go through. It is quite well planned,” reveals the source.

10. BB and Eliminations 

Eliminating and retaining contestants is somewhat up to the makers of BB. “Of course, audience votes are counted but the final decision is still in the hands of BB team. Even if a certain contestant garners fewer votes, the BB can choose to retain that contestant as he or she brings in more TRP. BB can also evict a person if they feel that the person’s presence is not fruitful for the show,” said the source.

11. Heavy Protection

The BB team take security very seriously. The house has high security measures so that nobody can breach the walls and the secret of the house is safe. “There are days when even the crew members are not allowed inside the house. We can’t take electronic devices into the camera room. The security person properly checks you and then only are you granted entry,” shares the source.