12 Red Flags in Relationships That Are Break Up Signs

Does your significant other exhibit any of these traits?

Is your relationship going through a bit of a rough phase right now? Are you wondering if you should call it quits? If you think your relationship has one of these red flags–it’s time to break up!

1. Lack of Communication

Ever felt you are going down a one-way street? You keep talking all the time and all you get are mono-syllabic answers? If you have been doing this a lot with no response from him/her, it’s time to get the message.

2. Complaining About Exes

If your SO keeps complaining about their exes, it means one of two things. They are still in love with them and can’t let go or they will do the same when you guys break up (Trust us, you will break up. There’s only so much whining one can take).


3. Taking You For Granted

Your SO keeps bailing out at the last-minute leaving you to clean up the mess? Doesn’t bother to text when he/she is going to be late? Knows that you’ll always be there as the back-up? Yeah, well, it’s time to take a stand for yourself.

4. Always Playing Martyr

These are the worst kind of people. They believe that everything bad happens only to them. Earthquake in Timbuktu? They had someone they were close to who died and now they will wallow in misery. Stay away from these people at all times!


5. Bringing Up the Past

This is a very huge red flag in relationships. If your SO keeps bringing up the past, it means it’s just not possible for them to let go. They will always be insecure and jealous of you. Time to say ‘tata’.

6. Control Your Life

Don’t meet your friends. What time are you coming back home? Don’t wear that, wear this. Don’t spend so much money. If this is all you hear from your SO, if you can’t make any decisions on your own, what are you even doing in the relationship!


7. Extreme Possessiveness/Jealousy

Possessiveness and jealousy are always cute in the start of a relationship. Pretty soon, it becomes a burden around your neck. You start to feel stalked all the time and you can’t even think of talking to someone from the opposite sex. Big big red flag.

8. Keeping Your Relationship A Secret

No one from your SO’s close circle of family and friends knows you exist even after three months of dating? Either the SO is ashamed of you or they don’t believe you guys will last. Either way, red flag alert!


9. Never Saying Sorry

You are the one doing the apologizing after all your fights? Doesn’t matter who is wrong or right, if you are the one who keeps saying sorry after every tiff/major fight, you might want to reconsider.

10. Drama Queens

Every little thing in life is a huge issue. This is the kind of person who will drive you nuts with their theatrics. Yes, the make-up is great but it will get boring after a while.

11. Very Insecure

This SO will constantly ask you if you are going to break-up. Your conversation will be full of questions like: Why are you with me? What’s the future for us?  Do you still love me? These are all red flags and you have to constantly reassure this kind of SO.

12. Always Gets What They Want

Either you are dating a master manipulator or a child. Do you really want to be with someone like this? Grow up and get into a grown-up relationship. If you are with option A, then GTFO.