2 Trendy Tips To Create Your Personal Special Head Scarf

Being truly stylish means wearing what's stylish but in a unique way

Whatever season, head scarves can complete your outfit. Blending function and fashion, you can look your best with a unique scarf you make yourself. Here are two ways you can make your personal special head scarf:

Knit or crochet a head scarf

If you love knitting or crocheting as a hobby, you can weave your own scarf during your extra time. Here’s how:

* Select a pattern and the width of your headscarf. Whether choosing to crochet or knit, you should select a pattern first, the colors, and the width. Many head scarves you find in stores are seven inches wide. You can also choose your personal headscarf size, depending on the size of your head, the thickness of your hair, and the design you want to express. You can also make a hooded head scarf or something that looks like a loose cap that covers all over your head.

* Make a trial. After you have a pattern, learn how many stitches you need to make for each inch. Then, create a little sample of the pattern including the colors you wish. This will help make your job much easier and help you prevent making mistakes on the way.

* Weave your headscarf to your desired size. Now that you’ve got a sample, you may continue with creating your personal head scarf. Once you have attained your ideal length, cut the yarn or maybe thread and lock the ends.

Sew a head scarf using any cloth fabric you desire

You may also create head scarves using other fabrics. Suggested materials include those that are thick and the ones which don’t easily move on hair. Satin and silk fabrics, nevertheless, though harder to sew, make classy headscarves, too. To make one, follow these simple instructions:

* For an easy head scarf, cut a cloth fabric square about two feet in length and width. Fold the sides by half an inch and another one for one more one-half inch. Secure using hooks and place a hem on all ends starting at the corner.

* For any diagonal headscarf, fold your hemmed square cloth fabric into a triangle and cut. With right side inside, stitch beginning on one corner to the next corner until you reach the next corner. Reverse the cloth with the right side out, sewing shut your scarf.

* You can even make long head scarves great for winter. Stitch in a similar as for a square head scarf, but make the length as long as desired, so that you do not just have a square. The width can be about a foot wide to cover the entire head or to flip in two if you want a distinct look.

You can also improvise your personal head scarf by connecting an elastic connector from both ends of your scarf for a more unique and useful headscarf.

Being truly stylish means wearing what’s stylish but in a unique way. With your homemade head scarf, you’ll look stylish and beautiful. So go ahead, make your own scarf, and look your best.

Source by Melissa Mateo