21 Students Suspended in Kerala Following Ragging Allegations

The students have said that they were forced to strip and clean toilets by the seniors

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Twenty-one senior students of a government medical college in Kerala’s Malappuram have been suspended following allegations of ragging by 40 first-year students, according to a report by NDTV. The students have said that they were forced to strip and clean toilets by the seniors. The authorities said that a three-member committee will be investigating the allegation.

Only yesterday Bayside Journal wrote a piece on a Dalit student OS Avinash having to undergo dialysis due to kidney malfunction following an incident of ragging, which occurred a few days earlier. The New Indian Express reported on the negligence on the part of the authorities of Ernakulam General Hospital with regard to the ragging incident that involved students of Nattakom Government Polytechnic College (GPC). OS Avinash is the victim of the same incident. The report says that the authorities did not report the incident to the police despite the case being recorded as an incident of ragging. The hospitals also allegedly refused to give proper treatment to the student who had sustained severe injuries.

Out of the nine accused, five seniors have surrendered, report India Today. The police are still looking for the remaining students. CG Anita, the principal of the college concerned has been quoted as saying the seniors involved have been suspended by the anti-ragging committee.

A study funded by University Grants Commission (UGC) under the directive of Supreme Court found that nearly 40% of college students in India went through some form of ragging, even though just 8.6 % reported the incidents.

Ragging is actually a western concept, used as a way to welcome juniors in European universities. India has strict laws against ragging, with central legislations such as the Indian Penal Code and certain UGC regulations that require keeping a check on the practice of ragging. Institutions are obligated to register an FIR for every incident of ragging or abetment of ragging.