3 Steps To Skyrocket Your Success With Women

A successful formula that men don't know about

Every guy wants to know what goes on inside a woman’s head and what makes her get attracted to the certain type of guys. You see often it is said that it’s looks or money which counts but the fact of the matter is that looks or even money have very little or almost nothing to do when it comes to attracting women. Read on to discover some of the most mind-blowing ways using which you will be instantly able to attract the kind of woman you desire fast…

You don’t give a damn- Well this might come across as a bit arrogant but the fact of the matter is that when you walk around with the attitude such as you don’t a damn you will automatically grow in self-confidence and esteem and not look to impress other people around you. You see when you try to impress people around you too much or even care about what they say about you, you start living a reality they have designed for you and this is what turn’s women off.

Don’t act as if you are highly impressed- This is another mistake made by a lot of guys out there. The moment one comes across a really good looking woman he tends to act in a strange manner and it becomes very obvious with his body language that he is highly impressed by this woman. Women are very quick to read body language and if you act in this manner they would instantly know that you are highly impressed and would not give you much value because you are giving them the feeling that they are too good for you.

Be comfortable with yourself and live in the moment- Don’t walk around all the time looking for someone to be with. Rather walk as if you are highly confident and comfortable being yourself and see what happens then. This attitude would automatically make you a rare commodity since now you are not seeking attention from anyone else and you would instantly get a lot of attention from women.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh