3 Things Women Do To ‘SPOOK’ A Man

Men have a lot of fears when it comes to relationships


OK, so Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I’d give you the heads up on 3 easy ways you can spook a man out of wanting to commit to you.

The thing is until you and your man have been dating long enough to be in a ‘serious relationship’ things can be a little delicate.

It’s usually those first 6 months when you’re probably not exactly sure what’s going on in his head.

You may find one minute you’re so excited and optimistic that this guy could be ‘the one.’

Then the next minute you’re worried about whether this guy will break your heart and you’re just not sure you can go through that pain again.

These first few months are both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

So to get through this tricky time when even the smallest remark could send him running for the hills I’ve outlined my Top 3 Things Women Do To Spook A Man.

So if you’re ready to delve into the dating pumpkin today let’s get started…

Oh, and I’ll show you how to avoid ‘spooking’ him of course and how to still be together at Christmas!

THE TOP 3 THINGS WOMEN DO TO “SPOOK” A MAN … and how to avoid them!


Or as a guy would put it… ‘acting needy.’

This is the No.1 killer of relationships in the early stages so lets get to the bottom of it once and for all.

You must become aware of where and when you’re seeking out:

  • To know what he’s thinking about you
  • His approval for how you look, feel or behave
  • His affection
  • Having him ‘fix’ your life

Of course we all have times in our life when we feel lonely and we all at our core want to feel loved and secure…


You need to become aware of your own emotions and how they may be coming out of the things you say and do with a guy.

For example:

If you’re texting him too often seeking to know how interested in you he is this can be a sure-fire turn-off.

If you’ve not got much going on in your life outside of him he can feel as if you’re too reliant on him for your happiness

If you’re keen to spend a lot of time together, he’s likely to feel pressured and may fear to lose his freedom

Now don’t misunderstand me here: Being able to rely on someone when you’ve had a tough day is totally acceptable and is all part of a healthy relationship…

Putting too much importance on how this man will change your life will only lead to disaster and SPOOK him.

He’ll start to feel pressured and….

That sense of certainty and security you’re so longing to have in a relationship will never materialize.

You must first learn to have the confidence in yourself and I can teach you how in my book ‘The Secrets To Finding & Keeping An Amazing Man.’


Yep, we all know being single can feel crap at times.

Why can’ we just meet a guy, fall in love and be in a great relationship?

As women, we often want to skip past the initial dating phase.

We want to cut to the chase and know if he is ‘the one.’

After all, we don’t want to waste our time if he’s not right?

But by doing this we push a guy too quickly. Men often take a lot longer than women to know if a relationship is right for them and in our need for security and to be loved we actually push him away.

So don’t skip this phase, just relax and enjoy it… after all you’ll never get those ‘heady’ days again!


OK, so you’ve met this guy but then you find out that there’ are just some things you’d really rather were different about him.

Perhaps you’d rather he didn’t watch or play quite as much football

Maybe he’s got a bad wardrobe

Or maybe you wished he didn’t have an ex-wife and kids.

Well, one thing is for sure here if you start any relationship off wanting him to be different then it’s just not going to work.

You’ll end up frustrated and nag him to change…

Or worse still TELLING HIM what he should do!

Your only job is to express to him in a positive way how his actions or behaviors affect you and then LEAVE IT.

It’s up to him to choose to change if he wants to and for you to accept him as he is or decide whether to continue the relationship with him.

Final Thoughts…

If you’re newly dating a man don’t spell out all of your future plans to him expecting him to be the one in them. Go for your plans and the future you want yourself and if this guy is smart, he’ll realize that you’re one to keep and he’ll want to be the one making you happy every day!

So now that you know some of the things that SPOOK a guy, you may be wondering why they’re so afraid of commitment in the first place.

Well… I’ve laid it all out for you in Chapter 4 of my book  “The Secrets To Finding & Keeping An Amazing Man”

Men have a lot of fears when it comes to relationships.

Learn what they are here:


Happy Halloween!

Source by Sharon