3 Ways To Make Sex Last Longer (Especially For Men Who Are Finishing Way Too Fast!)

Learning to think differently during sex can be amazingly effective

Who else is looking for some easy ways to improve your sexual staying power? Are you sick and tired of finishing FAR too fast during intercourse? Do you worry that your woman, wife or lover is secretly craving the super stamina of a man she had BEFORE you? If are you anything like I used to be … the truth is, all of these are a pretty big concern!

There IS Good News if You Crave Sexual Stamina …

Want to know what it is? Bad sexual “habits” can be unlearned as easily as they were learned. And believe it or not … while many people believe that premature ejaculation is a DISEASE … it’s really not. It’s a habit in MOST cases and something that can be trained to be changed with a little bit of effort.

With that in mind, here are 3 easy ways to make sex last longer for BOTH of you (these are especially good if you have trouble thinking 10 minutes or more right now).


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Some of the easiest ways to improve your sexual stamina are actually improvements between your EARS …. and not your legs. The fact is, your cognition, or mental associations with sex, are one of the primary drivers of sexual staying power … OR climaxing far too early instead. Learning to think differently, DURING sex, can be amazingly effective. Learning creative concentration techniques life “focal shift” are very powerful, and many men find that mastering these alone are sufficient to add 100% or more to their stamina.


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The truth is, men LEARN to climax quickly from masturbation habits …. often learned at a very young age. (During puberty …. while rushing to finish due to shame, curiosity or uncertainty) The fact is, you CAN practice last longer by stretching out your self gratification techniques, and habits with very simple, straightforward exercises. There is a DIRECT correlation between how long you can last during masturbation …. and how long you can last during sex, and often changes in ONE can yield very important increases in the other.


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Said simply, use your refractory period as your friend. If you climax BEFORE a sexual experience intentionally (even on your own) you can add a MINIMUM of 200% or even much longer to your sexual staying power. While this is often a last ditch effort for serious PE – it IS very helpful, and can give you the illusion of super stamina, even if you are really a one minute man at heart.

Source by Anthony J. Rigliosi