4 Homemade X’mas Decor DIY Ideas You Must Try This Year

Winter is here and with winter comes one of our favourite festivals: Christmas. We all love to celebrate Christmas but to set the mood along with those plum cakes and eggnog, we also would like to decorate our homes and bring out the Christmas spirit. It is not necessary to buy expensive ornaments to decorate your home. There is a certain charm in giving a personal touch with homemade decorations. Here are some easy DIYs for you to make during the Christmas holidays.

1. Christmas Wreath

This is the easiest wreath DIY. For this you’ll need newspapers, ribbons (red and white), some decorative ornaments or bells, tape, glue and scissors. 

i. Take few sheets of newspaper and roll it like a stick.


ii. Stick both ends together to form a circle. For a stronger wreath you can use two to three rolled newspaper sticks.

iii. Tape them together and work with your hands to make circle. Our wreath base is ready.


iv. Take the red ribbon and wrap it around one half of the wreath base and do the same on other side using the white ribbon.

v. Make a bow out of decorative ribbon and stick it on the middle of the wreath with ornaments or bells.


vi. Your wreath is ready.

2. Snowflakes

In India not everyone is lucky enough to have snow during Christmas. But that does’t mean we can’t make our own snowflakes! For this we need a bottle of white glue, glitter, paper, a transparent file and a pencil.

i. Use reference images from the Internet and draw a basic snowflake on a sheet of paper.


ii. Keep the paper in the file. Draw the same pattern on the file using glue. Make the lines thicker.


iii. You could also add a piece of string to make it sturdier. (optional)

iv. Sprinkle glitter on the snowflake. 

20151205_204216v. Let it dry overnight.

vi. Peeling it can be little tricky. Use sharp pencil to gently peel it from sides and slowly move it towards the center.

vii. The snowflake is ready! It looks very pretty atop a Christmas tree.

Miniature Christmas Tree

Miniature trees look really cute and festive when decorated around the house. For this you’ll need cardboard, scissors, glue and different coloured paint.

i. Draw a basic shape of a Christmas tree on the card board and cut it out.


ii. Use it as a stencil to make another one and cut that out as well.

iii. Make a slit from top to center on one tree and from bottom to center on another.


iv. Hold the one with slit from top to center and slide the other from top.

v. They fit like a piece of puzzle. Use glue to stick them permanently. Cut a cardboard base and stick the tree on it.

vi. Paint it as you want. Make 3-4 of these; place on a table and surround it with snowflakes. It makes a perfect center piece. 

4. JOY Candle H

These candle holders are perfect for creating a festive and warm environment. For this we need three similar transparent glasses, white paper, scissors, and glue, tape, and tea candles.

i. Cut letters J, O & Y on the white paper sheets.

ii. Wrap these on the outer side of the individual glasses.

iii. Use glue or tape to secure them.

iv. Light tea candles and place them inside the glass.

These DIY’s are really simple and very fun to make. So do give them a try and enjoy the holidays.

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