4 Signs of Cheating In A Marriage

Signs your partner is cheating on you

You think your spouse is cheating on you, but you aren’t sure of the signs of a cheater. Your marriage is going downhill and you think something is going on with your spouse. Well, what I’m going to is share with you some marriage cheating signs.

The signs of cheating in a marriage are:

1. If you notice that your spouse seems to hang out with their friends a lot, then your spouse is probably cheating. Regardless if it’s after they get off work or if they want to have a night out with their friends, if they do this too often, then your spouse is cheating.

2. Another marriage cheating sign is if your spouse hangs up the phone every time you walk in. Your spouse doesn’t want you to know you they’re talking to on the phone and doesn’t want to look too suspicious.

3. If your spouse picks a fight with you or fusses for no reason and then tell you that they need time alone, something is going on. Especially if they pack their bags to go stay at “friend’s house”. What they’re actually doing is making you feel guilty and then going off and cheating on you.

4. Another marriage cheating sign is unusual computer activities. If your spouse is hiding emails from you, then they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Your spouse could be emailing the person they’re having an affair with or sending and receiving pictures from that person.
















Also, your spouse could set up an account on a dating site with the secret email address, and use the site to cheat on you. This is a technique used by a lot people who cheat on their spouse.

These are some signs of cheating in a marriage. If you notice that your spouse is doing any of these signs, you should do something about it. Don’t accuse your spouse of cheating, though. Before you confront your spouse, you need to get concrete proof.

Source by Tony Smith