4 Tips To Lose Neck Fat

Exercise and a balanced diet will help you lose neck weight quickly

Neck fat can be demoralizing especially if you like to wear a necklace. Neck fat is usually caused by old age or being overweight with the latter being the usual cause. There really are no special tips on how to get rid of neck fat. The good old and reliable trick is still exercise and a balanced diet.


There are neck exercises that could help you tone the neck muscle. They are actually very simple – they just involve tilting or leaning your head front and back then sideways. You could also do the head rotation slowly. These are usually part of stretching and cooling down exercises to prevent a stiff neck. Always remember though that no matter how many neck or spot reduction exercises you do, if you do not exercise your whole body there is no way you will lose fat.


Aerobics and non-aerobic exercises are important. You can walk or jog every other day or enroll in a gym and do weight lifting or probably start a new hobby like cycling or mountain climbing.  If you have a problem getting motivated maybe you could find an exercise friend to help you.  Breathing exercise is also a good way to lose those neck fats.


Diet as always is very important. Watch your calorie intake – less sugar and less salt is always the way to go. Fruits, vegetables, and tons of fluids will definitely help you lose weight and get rid of those neck fats. Avoid junk food and do not expect to lose those fats in a couple of days. It could take weeks even months to see real results so do not just give up.

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You should also consult your doctor; neck fat can also be because of your age or genetics. If you do not have the patience and you want a quick solution to your dilemma, you can opt to get liposuction or surgery to get rid of neck fat. Of course, this is the last resort; it’s still better to lose those fats the natural way because exercise and a proper diet add to your well-being and overall health.

Source by Alex