4 Ways to Keep Passionate Long Distance Affairs Alive and Burning

These tips will help you keep the light of your love alive


So, you want to be a baller, huh?

Confidently laying back into your brown leather chair, the jacket of your Armani three-piece slung over the arm, resting under your elbow, which is seemingly inseparably attached to your vodka martini (shaken, not stirred, of course). Maybe you’ve got a Romeo y Julieta throwing streaks of Cuban smoke out in the other hand while you smirk at the giggling cocktail waitress with a foggy-eyed James Bond smirk.

If there’s anyone that can understand that confidence and atmosphere, it is definitely me.

Though not much of a poker player, I am certainly in touch with the booze and broads categories and have been for quite a few years. In fact, right now I’m flying around the world teaching just that. As I write this, I’m in Australia between a Bootcamp and the Australian Pickup Summit (where I was just named the BEST ASIAN PICK UP ARTIST IN AUSTRALIA), enjoying the spirited nature of Blonde Aussie chicks.

Mmmm. My favorite.

It really figures, though, doesn’t it? As soon as I got good with women in one place, they wanted me to move around and be good with women everywhere. Jeesh. Just as soon as I got all the women I could ever use in my hometown of Dallas, they wanted me to start taking over the rest of the world! Well, I guess that was fine by me and has resulted in something interesting that I never thought would happen to me.

I have a girl I can call on in almost every major city in the US and a few across the world.

  • Want to join the Bootcamp in Toronto? I’d love to spend a few nights with my sultry, bilingual blonde college girl, Mercedes.
  • Studying under our Certified Instructor Gareth Jones in his home state of Massachusetts? I’m sure fitness model Stephanie would come along to meet the family.
  • Have a New York seminar? I’ll arrange nights with my gorgeous band manager-turned-actress, Jenna, or my rock star recording artist, Jillian.
  • Perhaps during some day games in Orlando, I’ll bring along my tiny southern belle Terrie that works for a defense contractor.
  • Teaching a class in Portland, Oregon? Well, ex-lover and exotic-dancer Sara has suddenly got a boyfriend that I have to respect, so I guess I’ll finally return Olivia the Model’s calls.
  • When I come back to Australia in 2011, there are my lovely blonde ladies: Alicia and Pamela.

The list isn’t endless, but it’s pretty damn long. Did I just blow your mind? Yeah, I thought so.

I really care about these girls. These women make my life better and add to it every single day, even if I can’t see them as often as we’d both like. They are all gorgeous, intelligent and wonderful women that know that I’m a busy man and that I travel a lot. They know we’re not dating exclusively and don’t demand anything other than my attention when I can give them time and, even though spirits are low when we have to part, we both look forward to the passionate reunion that will happen in the future.

There’s nothing quite like sex with someone you’ve been talking dirty to over the phone for three months and if there is, send me the link here because I want to buy 100 of them.

“How do you do this, Asian Playboy?” You ask. Well, it’s tricky, but allow me to explain.

The trouble a lot of guys run into on their quest to be either the world’s best PUA, a confident lover, or just someone that isn’t afraid to talk to women at the bar, comes from what they do after seducing a woman. Now, personally, I don’t like the word ‘seduce’ because it implies deception and we’re not trying to trick women into sleeping with us, we’re trying to build strong, passionate relationships and, therefore, the game doesn’t stop once you’ve basted her babymaker.

Sure, we all have those moments when we’re horny in a club and we just really want to try that fox in the little red number on for size and now we have the skills to do it, but the spice of pickup comes from those women that set fire to our very soul and that we (maybe in a different time) wouldn’t mind settling down with.

Unfortunately, sometimes these women are destined to be a far off paradise and, once we leave Florida or Seattle or Boston or New York, it won’t be months until we’re back. In the past, we’ve resigned these women to the abyss, which we throw our regrets and missed opportunities into, hoping they’ll come out the other side to join us once again, but now we take our fate and our sexual future into our own hands by completing some of the easiest, yet most important steps we can take in order to secure that these women will keep you tucked in the little category that all women have hidden, no matter how delicate or prudish they seem to be.

I like to call this category “No matter what’s going on in my life, I’ll be sleeping with him when he comes back.”

Step 1: Call her when you leave.

Whether you’ve slept with her the night before (we all know to call women the next day to tell them we had a great time with them the night before, right?) or you haven’t seen her in three days, call the girl from the airport.

This is the time to be romantic.

Wax poetic on how interesting she is and how great it is that you two met and have grown close and how she will be the reason you return. Then drop these five little words that will forever cement in her mind how amazing you… “I’m glad I found you.”

You wouldn’t think so, but these five little words can melt a woman’s heart when she’s bidding adieu to her lover.

Step 2: Text her when you get in.

A simple “Landed safely. It’s cold here without you!” or “Just arrived. Would prefer it is I was just leaving” will spike that romance once again, and give her the pang of reality now that you’re actually far away. It also opens the door to her to continue to chat with you via text.

Now, if you’re in a different country, you obviously can’t text, so just shoot her a little email when taking off your traveling shoes and settle into the home office. Nothing dramatic, but again, keeping the door open for further interaction requires so little effort and energy on your part.

Step 3: Call her AT LEAST once a week for the next month.

This is good to maintain a regular presence and keep the romance alive. After the first month, you can text/talk to her less frequently, but more than a two-week gap will create the distance that takes the time to make up.

For cross-country romances, I recommend an email letter at least once per week and one arranged phone call once a month. You can make it seem like some sort of elicit rendezvous, a promise that she simply can’t break, or any other kind of future projection.

Step 4: Be romantic AND sexual in EVERY call.

In our next DVD release, “game: From Text to Sex”, my Certified Instructor Gareth Jone’s and I discuss the aspects of talking dirty to women over the phone, text, and email. This not only turns them on (obviously) but it builds a bond and keeps their fire burning for you. You want them on the brink of climax at the very thought of you ALL the time.


Above all, be interested in these women.

Let them affect you and climb into your daily thoughts and tell them when they do. It will make them feel good and think fondly of you. Avoid telling them about other girls and fantasize about being together.

Though there may be tears of frustration at times, when you return, they will want nothing but to climb into your arms and make sweet love to you and, like I said, this is one of the most beautiful feelings there is.

Stay smooth,

JT the Asian Playboy

Source by JT Tran