4 Ways To Make Your Intimacy Last Longer In Bed

These techniques will help you to prevent premature ejaculation

If you were looking for ways to make sex last longer, then you’re in luck. This article will describe some of the best techniques available that will enable you to prevent premature ejaculation and thus last longer during sex.


Most of the ways to make sex last longer are based on a healthy lifestyle. What we do or don’t do has an effect not only on weight, stamina or respiratory functions but also on how well we perform in bed. Therefore, just follow the advice given and make the necessary changes. You will soon see the positive results! However, if you are not yet willing to quit smoking, exercising on a daily basis or eating cholesterol-cutting foods, then there are still some great techniques that will help you to stop a premature ejaculation from happening while having sex.


Some of the most effective ways to make sex last longer include the following:

– Squeezing the base or spot under the tip of the penis if you feel that an ejaculation is coming too fast. This works because it pushed blood back out of the erection and in doing so also the need to ejaculate.

– One of the easiest ways to make sex last longer is to just wear a condom. It’ll keep all the sensations from overwhelming you during sex and that will prevent a premature ejaculation.

– Go for seconds. The second round is notably longer lasting than the first round of sex. Therefore, don’t stop after the first time or masturbate beforehand so that the intercourse is the second go at things!

– Find a position that is less stimulating. One reason that men ejaculate prematurely is that the sensations are too much and the arousal quickly reaches the point of orgasm. Let your partner take over and set the pace or ride on top, that will slow things down for you.

Source by William Joseph