5 Benefits of Recreational Bicycling

Now paddle your way to fitness and family time with recreational bicycling

Recreational bicycling or bicycle commuting is not just a great form of exercise, but also an environment-friendly activity with no carbon footprint to speak of. With the raging debate on global warming and pollution, being eco-friendly has become a priority. An energy efficient form of commuting such as bicycling offers multifold benefits. Individuals in their 40, 50 and 60’s can lead healthier lives by taking up bicycling as a daily or at least weekly activity.


Bicycling is therapeutic for the mind: As kids, we have been through a phase when zooming through the neighborhood on our trusty bicycles meant the world to us. As we grew up, a fascination with sports cars replaced bicycles. Bicycling is a fun and enjoyable activity, reminding you that we were all kids once. Bicycling releases endorphins, lifting your mood and acting as a great stress buster.


Gives your lower body a good workout: Bicycling exercises your lower body, including your thighs, leg, and hips. Replace the stationary bikes you exercise on at your gym with regular bicycles for an enhanced and healthier workout. Cycling makes the connective tissue of the hip, knee, and ankles stronger, cutting down the risk of injury. Research also indicates that bicycling reduces cellulite from legs.


Provides an effective cardiovascular workout: Bicycling is an effective cardiovascular exercise where oxygen is continuously delivered to all body muscles. This makes your heart as well as lungs stronger and also helps lower blood pressure.


Weight management and muscle tone: Regular bicycling burns calories and tones your leg muscles. For a leaner and meaner look, bicycling is a great form of exercise. Activities like bicycling and horse riding also clear up your skin (by cleaning the skin pores) and add color to your cheeks. Children who bicycle regularly manage their weight better during their growing years. Bicycling also builds upper body strength, providing your arms a great workout.


Enjoyable family activity: You can make recreational bicycling a family activity for physical fitness as well as a way of enjoying quality time together. You can go bicycling on local bike paths and over the course of time, plan an exciting outdoor weekend trip. You can also consider involving your neighbors, community members and organize fun biking trips.


People across the world have made bicycling a life-long activity, with some even preferring to commute to their workplace on bicycles. You can bicycle to your local mall or supermarket – not only is it an eco-friendly commute but healthy and fun as well. You can consider joining a bike club and go on organized bicycle trips with your family. A charity bicycling event is also a great way to give back to society as well as promote the health benefits that bicycling offers.

Source by Teisha Mahabir