5 Cafes That Must Be On Your Hot Chocolate Bucket List in Mumbai

If you’re sick of going to over-priced places like Starbucks and Theobroma just for a teeny-tiny cup of hot chocolate, here are a few places that you should try for a change.

1. Food For Thought, KitabKhana, Fort

food for thought

IT IS LITERALLY MELTED CHOCOLATE. It was also so heavy that it covered my lunch & dinner for the day. I had it with this warm chocolate truffle cake so yes, I was in seventh heaven. Perfect place to catch up with a long lost friend. #deathbychocolate

Price: Rs. 170
Rating: 4/5

2. The Birdsong Cafe, Hill Road, Bandra


The hot chocolate here is a concoction of cocoa with the perfect touch of sweetness & bitterness. If had with a plate of waffles, it is the best combo. As if that wasn’t enough, the French windows create a charm you can’t really resist (well most things of the French are loved by the world *wink wink*).
It is also on the list of “what to have there” on Zomato.

Price: Rs. 175
Rating: 3/5

3. The Teapot Café, Fort

teapot cafeSo this place gives hot chocolate with those cute lil marshmallows, so yes, they get extra points. They also have Wi-Fi so it is ideal for project work. This place has a vintage feel to it. So grab your favourite book & settle down.

Price: Rs. 75
Rating – 3.5/5

4. Scrumptious, Versova


This is the only place around the area which gives you an English breakfast. You can even team the hot chocolate with a pastry or a waffle of your choice. Best part – this place opens at 7 AM! So all you college kids who don’t know where to go that early, Scrumptious is your adda.

Price: Rs. 80
Rating: 3.5/5

5. Sleight Of Hand, Fort

sleight of hand, fort

It’s more of a bakery… hence, hot chocolate with brownies! And have they got a vast selection to choose from or what!

Disclaimer – you might go a bit overboard with all the chocolaty goodness around you, so be careful.
Bonus points to them for home delivery.

Price: Rs. 80
Rating: 4.5/5

So before the winters go away (and even after) you must visit these places for some mind blowing hot chocolate. This could make a fairly good chocolate bucket list. What say girls?

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