5 Cliched Places To Eat Brownies in Mumbai

Everyone loves a good brownie, there’s no denying that. Ever so often, you come across people who pretend to be great experts in the field of chocolate and by association brownies. BUT, here’s a great list to identify the real experts from the pretentious ones. If they tell you to eat a brownie from more than one of the places mentioned below, tell them to go take a hike.

The list below can be found if you just Google: the best brownies in Mumbai. There’s no denying that the places below serve yummy brownies but everyone knows what you get here. The words, though, that are used to describe each joint could not be truer:

1. Theobroma

image 1, theobroma, walnut brownie

All their offerings are marvellous. The Walnut brownie is our favourite. Their entire range of desserts is a MUST!

2. Le 15 Patisserie

image 2, le 15, nutella

Dessert fanatic are you?  If yes, you are in the perfect place. Le patisserie offers you variety of spongy cupcakes, heavenly macaroons and enticing brownies especially the nutella brownies! I wish i could eat them right now!!

3. Brownie Point

image 3, brownie point

Brownie Point, Naam hi kaafi hain! Famous for their cakes.

4. Chocolate San Churro

image 4, chocolate san churro

Yes, there are brownies inside that delicious looking thing!


5. The Bagel Shop

image 5, bagel shop

Have the brownie shake. You’ll thank us later.

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