5 Common Things That Make Most Husbands Unhappy With Their Marriages

Signs that your husband is unhappy with you

Just as women don’t always feel fulfilled or happy within their marriage, the same is true of many men. If you feel that your spouse is pulling away from you and you’re worried about the future of your relationship, you can’t let that go ignored. You have to face the reality of your relationship head on so you can begin taking the necessary steps to fix it. If you feel that your husband is no longer feeling content within the relationship, understanding why that is will help you forge a plan to rebuild the lost bond between the two of you.

Here are 5 common reasons your husband may be unhappy with the marriage:

Lack of affection. You may not realize how important holding hands or those hello and goodbye kisses are to your husband. That type of seemingly innocent affection is very powerful to a relationship’s health. If you’ve stopped showing your husband that you love him by holding back affection, it will impact his feelings.

Lack of intimacy. Although related to lack of intimacy, this takes things to another level. When a marriage becomes sexless it leads to all kinds of resentment and frustration. If you constantly don’t feel like you’re in the mood or you always have a headache, your husband will take it as a sign that you no longer find him desirable.

Lack of spontaneity. Part of the fun and adventure of marriage is never knowing what’s around the corner. Early in most marriages, before the children arrive and bills pile up, couples often do things on a whim. Your husband may miss that. You can remedy that by planning inexpensive outings for the two of you on the spur of the moment. He’ll love it.

Lack of appreciation. Do you take the time to ensure your husband knows how much you appreciate him? Most of us don’t. We just assume that our spouse knows that we value him deeply. Start telling him on a daily basis.

Lack of communication. As much as we may believe that our husbands don’t want to share what they are feeling, they do. In fact, they just want to be heard and they want their feelings to matter. Talk to your husband more about everything, including what you both are feeling. It will help you both feel more happiness within the relationship.

If you take the time to address the issues that are contributing to your husband’s unhappiness, you can then work on changing your marriage. Some effort now will ensure you have a long and satisfying relationship.

Source by Gillian Reynolds