5 Easy Steps To Save Water

These tips are easy to implement at home on a daily basis and will refresh your water bill as well.


Copyright (c) 2011 Gerry Stringer

A little thought can change your lifestyle to be more cost effective and sustainable especially when it comes to water usage. These tips are easy to implement at home on a daily basis and will refresh your water bill as well.

If you notice a spike in your water bill, it is most likely due to a leak you haven’t discovered yet. The sooner you find it, the more water you will conserve and the easier it will be to fix. Indoor leaks are often the most noticeable but if you are still not sure where to find the leak be sure to check outside pipes and each toilet to make sure they are not running.

Be mindful anytime water is running. There are so many occasions consumers allow the water to run as they multitask and create excessive waste. For example, do not wait for the water to cool off before you drink it, simply put the warm water into a container and cool it in the refrigerator. And wash your vegetables in a basin instead of putting it under a continuous stream.

Your toilet is not a trash can. The next time you kill a spider, do not use the water of an entire flush for one facial tissue to be discarded. It is also not an ashtray either, and smoking inside your bathroom is never recommended anyway. Do not flush the toilet unnecessarily.

The green movement has led to the development of sustainable products of all types ranging from the same style and price to the water guzzlers to very high end, high tech solutions depending on your preferences and needs. Changing to an air-cooled appliance refrigerators or air conditioner can make a remarkable difference. Of course, shower heads and toilets have new water-saving features and so do dish and clothing washers offering options to make each load as energy efficient as possible. A rain detector that automatically shuts off the sprinkler system after the lawn has received natural moisture is the latest gadget employed by the water saving set.

It is important for every resident of the home to know how to turn off the sprinkler system and the main water system in case of emergency. If you have a leak you don’t want it to gush water just until your roommate, husband, wife, landlord or plumber gets there. A lot of water can be lost and in some instances, it can worsen the leak.

The more we know about water consumption and the faster technology evolves, the better we will be able to conserve water. And it’s a good thing because we’re going to need it.

Source by Gerry Stringer