5 Health Problems That Affect Your Sex Life



Whether you want to call it having sex, making love, or, well, you know what, having intercourse is one of the best feelings in the world. There are few experiences in life that bring you so into the present moment where nothing else is on your mind but the rough passion  of the act. Men buy fancy cars and make sure they have powerful jobs and lots of money so that they can attract it and women make sure they keep looking youthful and as attractive as possible so that they keep their allure for men. It’s instinctual, it’s natural and it’s a whole bag of fun! Whether it’s a one night stand or you are lucky enough to have sex with someone you love on a regular basis, sex is the all encompassing high and feels amazing – unless you have one of the following conditions:

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain, especially for a woman can really affect sex as it interferes in so many “positions”. The only position that can actually work with this condition is missionary and even that can hurt sometimes. It’s best to see a physiotherapist and apply special creams to treat the area and make sure it is sorted out because lower back pain can be a real passion killer!


Hemorrhoids are never fun, especially when they protrude outwards. It’s also really dangerous to have wild sex while you have hemorrhoids as the added pressure can make blood vessels burst. It’s best to treat them first with products such as Hemclear before engaging in sexual activity. Read this Hemclear review to find out more.


Not getting enough sleep can make you a cranky witch and the last thing you want to do, when all you want is a good night’s rest, is to even think about doing the deed. Get into a routine (at least during the week) of getting enough sleep and watch your sex life improve. Your partner will appreciate you for this.


I smile whilst writing this because, although I am in great shape now, there have been moments in my life where I was overweight and the thought of sex stressed me out beyond belief. I had ridiculous thoughts ranging from how i will look good naked and how should the lighting in the room be to how do I hide any fat I was carrying at the time. It really feels good once you shed that weight to feel so free in the act and not have to worry about all that stupid stuff. Anyway, most the guys I talk to tell me they don’t really care so much if a girl is overweight but rather her attitude towards herself, her self-confidence, pride and how she carries herself that matters the most.

Stress & Depression

Sex is supposed to be fun and spontaneous. It’s an act of raw passion and you both should be having a good time. A real killer though is stress and depression. When you have too much on your mind it’s really hard to get aroused and men are known to have erectile dysfunction when they can’t really get into the act because they are too distracted. The same goes with women. If there’s too much stressing out a woman, she can’t get aroused and that’s where the use of lubrication will have to come into the mix.

So there you go! The faster you attend to these problems the sooner and better a sex life you will have. Stay protected and have fun!