5 Reasons Why I Admire Cersei Lannister

You may hate her but you can't not admire her

She may be the most evil, deceitful, cunning, backstabbing Queen that’s suffering from Umbridge-itis, but I can’t stop admiring her for certain traits that deserve to be recognised.

Here are five reasons explaining my admiration for Cersei Lannister:

1. She Got Herself Lannister Kids
After Robert said Lyanna’s name the first time they got intimate and raped her thereafter, (You wouldn’t consent to have sex with someone who takes their ex’s name in bed, right?) she exerted her power the only way she could; by bearing her brothers’ babies. She wants Lannisters who are strong and proud. She wants to produce these fine lions and not children who could be anything like the drunk man she’s been sexually and physically assaulted by for many years. So she makes the conscious decision to free her children from what she sees to be the hideousness of the Baratheon bloodline. They will be Lannisters, and the world will hear them roar.

2. She’s a Badass

From early childhood she was stripped of everything. She is Tywin Lannister’s heir, and she is told she cannot be, she is told her personality is invalid, she is told it’s not right for a woman to be like that, She is told who to marry, what to do AND then she is raped by her own husband. I admire how she rose above all these labels and became her own free person.

3. She Will Eliminate ANYONE Who Comes In Her Way
 If a woman can kill her own husband, others don’t even have a chance. It is important to remember that she doesn’t hate Ned Stark because he’s good or moral or honourable; she doesn’t hate him at all, actually. But she needs him gone because with him in King’s Landing, she has less power, and that can affect her children, the love of her life, her family. And so she sees Ned as a threat. Well, where is he now? Dead.

4. She Loves Her Children. A lot.
Cersei’s devotion to her children is unarguably the best thing about her. It’s impossible to take that from her, because that’s something inherent to her character. Her kids are the only thing that kept her from throwing herself off a window while Robert regularly beat and sexually abused her.

5. She’s Alive
When people are dying left, right and centre in Kings Landing, she’s managed to keep herself alive. That’s a pretty big achievement in itself; especially for a woman.

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