5 Things That Turn Men On

How to turn your man on is a common Google search.  You may think this is solely sexual, but ignore the rumors, your man is more complicated than that.  There are several factors that make up his exciter.  The mistake women make in their approach to men is the tendency to think like a woman.  I know it seems natural for you to think like a woman but forget that.  You got to get into his head; think like a man.  That’s where you are in luck, I am going to give you 5 turn on’s for men – guaranteed to give him chills.

1. Laughing is sexy.  Guys pay attention when a woman laughs.  It can be a turn on.  It usually means you are happy.  It might say you are funny.  It may mean you like his sense of humor.  It suggests you are a fun person.  Sometimes it is how you laugh.  Caution, snorting when you laugh nullifies all that was just said about laughing being a turn on.

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2. Sassy is fun.  It is playful.  It can be verbal sparring and witty.  It’s a little smart ass, but in a fun way.  A sassy woman knows how to put her man in his place in such a way that he likes it.  This woman has skill.  She says whatever she wants with a smile on her face.  Huge turn on!

3. Kissing is hot.  Please, do not forget how to kiss your man.  There is hardly anything more provocative than a woman’s lips.  The softness drives him wild.  If you are a boring kisser then take some lessons.  Use your imagination when it comes to kissing.  There’s the neck kiss, ear kiss, cheek kiss, lip kiss, slow kiss, sultry kiss, wet kiss, french kiss, Eskimo kiss, and on you go.  Try this, walk up to your man, lightly put your lips on his, pause there for a moment, then walk away.  If you only knew what that would do to him.

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4. A tinge of jealousy is attractive. We are not talking about psycho jealousy.  But a tinge makes him feel special.  It says you are watching out for your position.  It means you have sharp claws just beneath the surface, ready to be displayed if some nasty skank gets too close.  He likes that, trust me.

5. A compliment goes a long way.  Go ahead and tell him he has a nice butt.  He may roll his eyes at you, on the outside.  But he’ll be looking at that butt in the mirror when he gets his first chance.  That is real inside information.  Men like to be complimented.  It is not gay or metrosexual.  It also says much about you.  Only a secure person can give another a compliment.  So say it when it comes to your mind.  We ought to be in the business of making people feel good.

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Relationships are not all about men.  He ought to be reading what turns on a woman.  But for you, realizing that a man has many buttons, not just the sex button, is important.  If you are after a one night stand, this article was not for you.  But for the person interested in a true relationship, it is OK to want to make your man happy.  Go for it.

Source by Jim Cunningham