5 Things You Will Need To Make Delicious Cocktails

These tips will help you make the best and delicious cocktails at home

Parties and social gatherings are prime occasions to enjoy delicious cocktails. There is no shortage of cocktail recipes, either, which gives every party host the opportunity to make a big impression with tantalizing concoctions that will have the guests talking for weeks after the party has ended. To get started, you’ll need to be armed with the best cocktail recipe information.

Cocktails are a great ice breaker at parties, helping people to loosen up and socialize more. There is no need to be a professionally trained bartender to make great cocktails, either. Armed with a few bartending tips and secrets, you can be the “toast of the town” at your next get together and have people begging you for your cocktail recipes.

The place to start on learning to make professional style cocktails is with bar glassware. It makes all the difference in the world to serve the party guests cocktails in the proper glassware. It makes quite an impression when your home bar is stocked with a full variety to meet every cocktail need.

There is special glassware for:

• Cosmopolitans

• Mojitos

• Margaritas

• Champagne

• Liqueur

• Shots, Wine, and Beer

• Martinis

• Highballs and Old Fashioneds

• Hurricanes

• Brandy and Sherry

• Whiskey

• Cordials

It is impossible to determine ahead of time what party guests will request, so be prepared with a variety of glassware will portray you as the perfect host/hostess.

Other Bar Equipment for Cocktail Making

Aside from glassware, there are other items needed for creating a wide variety of cocktail selections. The first handy item is a small measuring glass that is incremented in ounces for measuring liquor.

You also need a good quality metal cocktail shaker. These are generally made from steel and come with caps and trainers. The ingredients are placed in the shaker, then shaken and poured into the cocktail glass.

For frozen and blended concoctions, a good quality blender is essential. You need one with a powerful motor and sharp blades that can handle crushing up ice cubes.

Cocktail Recipe Spirits

In order to impress your guests with your cocktail making knowledge, you need to brush up on the different spirits/liquors used in the cocktail recipes. Vodka is a very popular selection because it has a very little taste which makes it mix well with other ingredients.

Rum is another favorite, and it makes a lot of delicious tropical style cocktail favorites. Bourbon is another popular liquor and is often mixed with mint, lemons, or other sour additives. Margaritas are also very popular and made using triple sec and tequila. These are served either on the rocks or frozen in a salt rimmed glass with sliced lime wedges.

Stocking Up on Mixers

You’ll also need mixers for the cocktail recipes. Popular ones include orange juice, tonic water, Sprite, Coke, Seven-Up, ginger ale, lime juice, pineapple juice, and pre-made mixers for daiquiris, sweet and sours, and margaritas.

Presentation is Everything

After the drink is prepared and in the right glass, you need to add garnishes. You can add orange, lemon, or lime slices by slitting the slice halfway through and placing on the glass rim.

Toothpicks skewered through pineapple chunks and cherries are popular, and other fruits can be added to longer skewers and placed in the drink, such as blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries. Little paper cocktail umbrellas are a fun addition and don’t forget salt for rimming the margarita glasses.

All you need now is a cocktail recipe book and you are well prepared for your next cocktail party. Enjoy and drink responsibly!

Source by William Heart