5 Tips For A Sound And Perfect Sleep

These tips will help you to develop a healthy sleeping pattern

A healthy lifestyle includes consuming fruits and vegetables. However, healthy food will not work till you get a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours every night. Here are some tips to sleep better.


Set a Sleep Time

The human body requires a consistent schedule especially for sleeping. So, set a schedule for sleeping. For instance, you can go to bed each day at 10 pm. In few days, your body and mind will get used to the schedule and you will naturally feel sleepy at that time. Do not work, if your mind is tired, just go to bed. Apart from setting a sleeping schedule, also set a schedule for waking up. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Follow your schedule even on the weekend and off days.


Avoid stress before sleeping

This might sound difficult to you as even though you are at home, your mind still busy in thinking about the office problems. This is very common with working people, no matter how much they try to avoid office at home, but it still remains in their mind. Use a de-stress bathing soap and lukewarm water for bathing before going to bed. Luke warm water help in making you feel relax and fall asleep fast and better.



Exercising provides lots of benefits for good health and one of them is sound sleep. However, make sure that you do not exercise in the evening or at night. The best results of exercise can be seen if practiced in the morning or afternoon. Workouts help in falling into your dreamland faster and easier.


Reserve your Bed Exclusively for Sleep

Avoid keeping your laptop or tablet on your bed. This might tempt you towards finishing those pending tasks. It is advisable not to keep television or laptop in the bedroom as these things interfere with sleep. If it is difficult for you to sleep, put off the main lights and switch on dim lights and soothing music to make you feel relax.

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Avoid caffeine after 2 in the noon

What do you do when you feel sleepy after lunch? Grab a cup of coffee, the most obvious. But, do you know it affects your sleepi

ng habit. It is a stimulant and must be stopped six to seven hours before bedtime. Therefore, Coffee, energy drinks, iced tea, soda, and chocolate must be avoided for a sound sleep. So, try to avoid coffee after lunchtime or dinner. However, if you are a caffeine person, don’t try to cut it instantly as this might cause you a headache and will keep you awake.

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