5 Tips For Fixing A Break Up

How To Fix A Broken Relationship


It is not wise to begin to fix a broken relationship until you understand where you stand and what the issues are. Chances are this is not as cut and dried as you think it is (especially if you are a guy).

All relationships will run into problems eventually and many will break up. Fixing a broken relationship needs to be done with more care than was used in creating the relationship initially, so there will be some work involved.

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The good news is that you CAN make it enjoyable work; after all, people are the best this world has to offer and the chance to share true love with someone is not only worth the effort but the effort can result in the best experiences of your life.

I learned as a youth not to fix what is not broken, so if you are into fixing something you need to know what the problem is. Broken relationships are no different.

Do you know what went wrong? If not, did you ask? Do be careful not to appear to be in an argumentative mood when you do ask, however.

Tip #1 – Is to find out what the problem is; a defined event or a slow progression of problems building. Seek to get to the root of the cause.

Tip #2 – Share with your ex how you feel about the situation and that, despite what you may have said or indicated in the past, breaking up is not what you want. Be clear, but be kind and considerate of their feelings. If you love them, tell them that.

Tip #3 – Take care to listen when your ex is telling you about the problems that lead to the break up. Make sure you are not just waiting for your turn to talk. Make his or her concerns in the relationship your concerns and priorities.


Tip #4 – Find a small gift to bring to a meeting you might have with your ex. Nothing expensive, just an indication that you know something about them and his or her interests. Do not expect anything in return or that this will fix a broken relationship all on its own.

Tip #5 – Simple dates that do not have to look like a date. Ask your ex if they want to just catch up over coffee, or go for walk and stop for ice cream. These are not times for deep discussion, but a time to share and show you care.

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Never expect something you do will make everything better. This is a process of winning back the heart of your ex, understanding what must be different in order for you to get back together.

Fixing broken relationships is not about simple repairs, patches or quick fixes. It is about understanding the needs of your intended mate and finding ways to fill those needs.

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Source by Will Scott