5 Top Secrets To Style Men’s Hair

These secrets tips will make your hair look superb

How to style hair men secrets are my tips that will pay your looks dividends till the day you die. These secrets are global, that is, apply to styling any type of hair. It’s the process that’s going to give you long-lasting looks. If you don’t get the process right, no hair style will look good on you…

Use good shampoo and conditioner (I’ve found Organics or Garnier Fructis work well), never use a comb (you want the au naturel to look), find a good hairdresser that will cut your hair in a layered fashion and add real depth to it, and use a good hair styling product like American Crew.

In this article, I’m sharing 5 how to style hair men secrets including my #1 technique for how to style hair men. These secrets from a system that you can follow for styling your hair…And it’ll work every time, always. Combine these how to style hair men secrets with a good shampoo, conditioner, a good hairdresser that will texturize your hair, and a good styling product like American Crew and your hair will be working like lucky charms for years and years. Just like mine.

If this doesn’t sound like too much braggadocio to you, read on.

Secret #1: Ease off. Remember the rule? Less is more. Don’t use a lot of product. You might be thinking…Well, how can I style my hair with a little product? Keep reading for the ultimate how to style hair men secret that will answer your question.

Secret #2: Consider using a flat iron. Believe it or not, straighteners are quite popular among men. I use one myself because I wear the faux-hawk hair style.

Secret #3: If you don’t want to have volume in your hair, you’d better go home. It’ll reflect a sense of boring personality in you. Most guys don’t get it! You need volume in your hair. Haven’t you noticed all the shampoos coming out that are designed to increase volume in your hair? These companies have done their research. If you follow all my tips, you won’t need to worry. The right shampoo, conditioner, and hair dresser will ensure your hair has volume. Don’t comb your hair down or have a flat head…

Secret #4: Be a man and do the right thing. Don’t worry about getting every strand right. You’ll mess up your hair more if you try to. Women don’t notice individual strands in a guy’s hair anyways…Only you will. So learn to let it go.

Secret #5: The ultimate how to style hair men secret that brings everything together. It will allow you to style your hair with volume, less product and with consistency. Ok here it is…

To style, your hair after you shower or in the morning (wet it first), blow dry your hair to the style you desire…And don’t use a comb, use your fingers. It’ll give your hair that natural look and add character. Say you want to pull of the faux-hawk. After showering, blow dry your hair into this style. You’ll only need a slight amount of product to keep it in place. Shambo!

All other things equal, your hair is going to look superb. What’s more, your hair will only take 5-10 minutes to look great. Your hair dresser, shampoo, good product and having a man’s attitude will do the rest for you. My how to style hair men strategy has always been based on consistency. My hair always looks great with minimal effort.

Source by Rahim Jiwani