6 Hilarious ‘Reply All’ Disasters at The Office


If you ever worked in a large office you must have received at least once email that wasn’t marked to you because some idiot clicked ‘Reply All’ instead of Reply. Now, most of these are just minor annoyances but some of them can get really cringeworthy and careless and of course, funny! Here are the worst ‘Reply All’ messages office-workers have seen.

1. I’m Gonna Pork You So Hard

Two of the partners at my old firm were having a not-very-discreet affair (both were married to other people). Partner A was in charge of the summer associate program, and sent an email around the firm with information on the summers — names, schools, etc. — who would be mentors for who, dates of events, etc.

Partner B replied all — to a 500+ person law firm, attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, everybody — “I’m going to pork you so hard later.”

It was hilarious for several reasons, including his ultra-seductive use of the word “pork.”  [boobieaficionado]

2. My Dad Can Beat up Your Dad

I used to work at a law firm and one day an email went out to everyone (about 40 people) that was about a specific case and had very little relevance to my job position so I ignored it. A few minutes later I got another email from different attorney with a snarky response. Well an argument started between these two attorneys (still replying all to the office) and after about 6 or so emails a third attorney wrote ” yeah well my dad can beat up your dad. By the way you have been sending this to the whole office.” [SarahKathrine]

3. You Need to Shut the Hell Up!

I was working in an office during the Iraq war and I get an email from some random private. “Y’all motherf*ckers need to shut the hell up!” Puzzled by such a blatant attack, I checked who this guy was and who he sent it to. I want to say he sent it to everyone in every command in Iraq, Afghanistan, and a few other places. Some say that private is still doing push-ups to this day. [saltnotsugar]

4. Boooring!

A co-worker was telling a boring story to the whole office. My boss went to e-mail me to complain (I was his sounding board) but accidentally replied all to another company-wide email.

His message sent to the entire company? “I wish Donna would have emailed me this story so I could delete it.”

She saw the email a few minutes later, threw keyboard up in the air, grabbed her purse and ran out of the office. My boss had to profusely apologize the next day. [HaveTilFive]

5. Shake Your Bon Bon

A co worker of mine was trying to motivate their sales office and was saying to get your hands dirty and if we had any difficulties closing a sale the girls should shake their little asses and close the sale.

Reached our CEO. She wasnt there long. [Vargasa871]

6. Do I Get Hair Benefits?

I was a temp in a very large law firm for a bit. One day, and new lawyer was hired, and HR sent out the standard email to everyone introducing the new guy and congratulating him on his new position.

New guy then replies all and asks the HR person if his benefits package pays for a hair transplant procedure. [LandOfNineteen]


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