6 Natural Remedies To Last Longer In Bed

These natural remedies will help you last longer

Today’s day man faces more strains and stresses than his counterparts did say twenty years ago which goes to show that everyday tensions would affect him in bed as well as in the office.

With the pace of daily life going at a rapid speed men find it hard to address concerns to these problems and to find the rightful solution that would return them back the pleasure that they enjoyed in high regard decades ago.


Premature Ejaculation has become quite common in many bedrooms, so what can a man do to erase this problem and continue to enjoy his sexual life

It is normally advised best to at first try natural methods which have been around for many centuries and suited our predecessors quite well. It was only with the advent of allopathic medicines that showed a much faster solution that these natural remedies were pushed back without thinking of the side effects of these modern medicines. So here let’s have a look at some of the natural remedies that can help in improving your premature ejaculation problem.


1) Kegal exercise: These exercises are similar to pelvic exercises that are recommended for women after pregnancy and weak bladder problems. Try to stop urinating when in full flow as well as try to tighten your buttocks at the same time this helps in strengthening the muscles which have become weak and aid in gaining control over ejaculation.


2) Diet: Eat foods that are low in fat and cholesterol as such a diet helps in smooth flow of blood throughout the body and aids in good erections due to the sufficient supply of blood to the sexual organs.


3) Herbs: They are also herbal remedies available which contain herbs like Withania somniferous and ginseng which help in improving erections and prolong sexual sessions.


4) Eat foods: fish, lettuce and other such foods which help in relaxing as it has been found that relaxed mind performs better in bed.


5) L-Arginine -It is an amino acid found in red meat, dairy products which help in making nitric oxide which is responsible for pumping blood into the penis.


6.) Fitness: This is also the most important thing but the most ignored one. One should exercise regularly and try to improve his stamina which will go a long way in lasting longer in bed.

Following these above steps in your daily routine will certainly go a long way in making you the man every woman desires in bed.

Source by Ajeet Gautam