6 Racist Questions Indian Girls Are Asked Abroad

The West is very ignorant about India

Being the olive skinned- black haired Indian girl, you are definitely going to get all the eyes pinned on you when you set your foot in the pub. Along with getting all the attention, you are also going to meet that ignorant lot who will ask you certain atrociously offensive questions that would conform to the stereotypes established about India.

Here are six bizarre and racist questions you can be asked if you are an Indian woman living abroad:

1. How come you are a Rebecca or Catherine?

‘You can’t be a Rebecca, Catherine or Maria!’ ‘If you are Rebecca or Catherine, where is Lakshmi or Saraswati?’ Being an Indian you are expected to have Indianized names, says Tereza, a 23-year-old postgraduate student studying in France.

2. How do you speak English so well?

Being from India, the world only expects you to speak Hindi or the BBT’s ‘Raj’ English. “I often find it very offensive when I am asked how you know to speak English this fluently being an Indian,” says a 22-year-old student Aarti Shetty, who is a student at Loyola University in Maryland.

3. Indian! And you aren’t married yet?

Being a modern Indian woman our sole aim in life isn’t only getting married and making elaborate dinners for our huge families. Like the women in your countries, Indian women are equally progressive, ambitious and yes, even girlfriend material! “Every time I went for a party,” says a 20-year-old Indian student studying at the University of Magdeburg, “the second thing I got asked after my name was are you married. Aren’t you guys supposed to be married when you are kids?”

4. Are brides still being burnt in your country?

How we wish you had burnt the midnight lamps to study current world affairs and read more about other nations so that you wouldn’t land up asking such offensive questions to the Indians you see. “I was taken aback when my classmate just casually put across this question.” says an Indian student studying literature in Munster.

5. Why Aren’t You Wearing A Saree or Flashy Jewellery?

A 26-year old Indian IT professional working in Texas mentions, “Every time I went shopping with my colleagues and I picked up a summer dress I have been asked are you allowed to wear this? Can you wear this back home?”

6. Don’t You Have A ‘Power Spot’ On Your Forehead?

The next time you are asked why is there no power spot (bindi) on your forehead you simply need to answer, “Yes. We have a power spot (bindi) on our foreheads. But with progress in technology we, Indians have outgrown the conventional method of ‘storing up power’ on our foreheads.”