6 Tips To Prepare Yourself For A Job Interview


The interview is an important part of a job and recruitment process. Both in private and public sector jobs, you will have to go through an interview round in order to be qualified for the post. Even if the written test is omitted by the company, the interview is the mandatory part of a recruitment process. Your performance in the interview decides your suitability for the job. Job interviews are conducted not only for recruitment, but many companies also conduct interviews for promotion and salary increment for current employees. In this post, we will discuss some tips to improve our interview performance.

Improve your knowledge: It is okay if you do not know the certain question in the interview, but you cannot skip many questions in a row. It shows your incapability for the post. Make sure you know everything your interviewer wants you to know. Though interviews are usually conducted to check the communication skills and confidence of the candidate, you may leave a bad impression if you do not have the knowledge of your basic subjects.

Practice: As much you practice, as your communication and confidence, will improve. You can practice with a friend or with a mirror. Just create an interview like environment and practice. Sometimes, we cannot answer in the interview even if we know the answer. The reason can be our bad communication or lack of confidence. Both of these things are very important from an interview perspective, and you must work on them.

Dress properly: Your dressing sense leaves a direct impression on your interviewers. If you dress badly, you may lose the chance of getting selected in the interview. But, if you dress elegantly, you may leave a good first impression on the interviewers. You can find many articles online telling about proper dressing for an interview. Just read them and follow the best one.

Do not be late: By being late for an interview, you can make a really bad impression on your interviewers. How can someone recruit a person who cannot come on time even for an interview? This is the worst impression you can make on someone. Be on time for the interview no matter how you do that.

Do not be Aggressive in the interview: There may come a situation during the interview when you may not agree with the interviewers. Try to handle it properly. Do not be aggressive. Just put your point and try to make yourself clear. Also, listen to others and try to understand their points.

Learn and practice interview questions: There are some common questions asked in almost every interview. These questions may include your introduction part, the reason for leaving the last job, the reason for applying for that particular company, goals, hobbies, etc. You can prepare for these questions in advance, but do not make answers. Be honest and answer what is true.

About the author: Author is a writer and an entrepreneur. In this article, he is writing about interview tips for jobs in India.

Source by Atul Mittal