61 Restaurants in Mumbai to Serve Diabetic-Friendly Food

Finally, a food trail that the diabetics can relish

Image Credit: Pixabay/Semora Entertainment Work

Are you a diabetic living with the fear that eating outside might spike up your sugar level? Are you one that believes being a diabetic means that you can’t eat outside? Keeping a tab on your sugar level doesn’t necessarily mean that one needs to avoid his/her favourite eating place. All you need is some smart choices to satisfy your tastebuds. Chefs from various popular food outlets across the nation will be showcasing their culinary talent to please the new set of audience with better eating options.

India has over 63 million people who suffer from diabetes and most of them compromise on eating their favourite dishes. To end this misery, a couple has planned out ‘The Diabetic Food Trail’ (DFT) where consumers will be served diabetic-friendly foods at popular restaurants in India.

This is the second season of the DFT, and 200 restaurants across India have participated in this event. 61 restaurants in Mumbai will introduce patrons to a new healthy and diabetic friendly eating pattern. This year’s Diabetic Food Trail will be held from November 12 to November 30.

This event is the brainchild of Seema Pinto, director of Semora Entertainment Works, and her husband Manoj Pinto. DFT gives all the diabetic and health conscious folk a chance to enjoy a wonderful culinary experience across five major cities in India: Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai.

The founder, Seema Pinto, has been a diabetic for 12 years now. “It’s always a struggle for us to find a good place that provides you with good eating options. I thought why not try something like this and give people like me more options, because chefs can easily prepare something that is good and tasty for a diabetic person. I knew chefs needed that nudge, so it’s about getting the chefs to think beyond, and tap this huge population of diabetics out there. It’s about giving them a healthy option that is also tasty. Karela should’t be the only option for people like us,” says Seema.

It is now possible to get a palatable and healthy meal at any eatery and still stick to your diet. Special menus will be informative about the number of calories and carbohydrates they are consuming in a certain dish. A diabetes meal plan is high in nutrients, low in fat, with little or no sugar, and moderate in calories, and this is exactly what will be served to you.

“The main objective of this initiative is to dispel the notion that healthy food can’t be tasty. I also wanted the Food Industry to recognise the need for ‘diabetic friendly’ food on their menus, given that we will have over 110 million diabetics by 2030 as estimated by World Health Organisation,” says Seema Pinto.

For people who have been missing their sugar dose for a very long time, there will also be special dessert options on the menu. So now diabetics can sinfully indulge in their sweet course guilt free. The desserts will be made without processed sugars, and instead be replaced with organic sweeteners that are harmless.

Resturants like Zaffran, Copper Chimney, Lemon Leaf, Woodside Inn, Mirchi & Mime, Sassy Spoon, Ritz Carlton-Bangalore, Farzi Cafe, Boveda, Tawak, Hyatt Place& Hyatt Regency-Gurgaon, Faasos, Fern Hotels, Taj Vivanta Pune, Malaka Spice, GRT Grand, Park Hyatt-Chennai, Fern Hotels, Taj Vivanta Pune, Malaka Spice, GRT Grand, Park Hyatt-Chennai, Samlly’s Restocafe-Bangalore, Radisson Blu-Chennai are part of this initiative. “Last year guests mentioned that they wanted us to add delivery service restaurants and coffee houses. So we have Faasos in Mumbai and Tea Trails in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru on board for DFT,” she adds.

Last year the restaurants innovated 2000 diabetic dishes, and this year it’s expected that chefs will come up with 4000 dishes. Many chefs at high-end hotels are also re-engineering their most popular dish on the menu within the specific calorie value.

So stay fit this November, binge on your favourite food guilt-free and keep your blood sugar, carbohydrates, calories, and appetite in line. Bon appétit!